CoD MWZ: How to Kill Special Zombies

Find out how to kill all special zombies in MWZ, including the best weapons against them.

Zombies hoarding around Mega Abomination in CoD MWZ
Image via Activision
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Special zombies are far more dangerous variants of zombies in CoD: Modern Warfare 3 than your typical enemies that often hoard around them. Here, I’ll explain how to find and kill all special zombies in MWZ, including the best weapons against them.

How to Find Special Zombie Locations in CoD: MWZ

There are four types of special zombies in CoD MWZ that spawn in various threat zones. I compiled a short list of all special zombies and their most common spawn areas in Urzikstan:

  • Manglers: All Threat Zones.
  • Mimics: All Threat Zones.
  • Disciples: Only Medium and High Threat Zones.
  • Mega Abominations: Only High Threat Zone.

Manglers are the most common special zombies in the game that spawn in large quantities during Bounty and Escort Contracts, or they may spawn completely randomly. You can easily identify them by their humanoid design covered in metallic armor.

Mimics are more rare, but they tend to spawn the most inside the Infested Strongholds. They usually start spawning once you clear an entire stronghold. Mimics have long bodies with tentacles protruding from their backs.

Disciples are powerful special zombies that glow red. They have special abilities that empower other zombies in the vicinity, and they also tend to drain your life. Just like Manglers, these special zombies spawn during Bounty Contracts, but only in Mid and High Threat Zones.

Mega Abominations are giant three-headed zombies that spawn only in the five designated spots of the High Threat Zone, which I marked on the map below for your convenience.

Image via Activision/Edited by GameSkinny

Best Weapons Against Special Zombies in MWZ

How to Kill Manglers

The easiest and fastest way to kill Manglers is to equip Shatter Blast or Napalm Blast ammo mods and shoot them in the head. This will guarantee an instant kill of a Mangler zombie in your sights. If you’ve encountered a group of them, I suggest applying the Energy Mine field upgrade. When it’s fully charged, they can never escape it.

How to Kill Mimics

Mimics are easily defeated by upgraded weapons at the Pack-a-Punch machine. You can shoot them in the head and get great results, but my research shows that their most vulnerable spot is the mouth. I’d use some good optics to aim for the mouth, such as the VLK or Cronen Mini Reflex. Also, they’re really vulnerable to Energy Mines, so get as many of them as you can.

How to Kill Disciples

The first thing you should do when encountering the Disciples is to kill all the surrounding zombies. Then, break their line of sight once they shoot their Siphon Beam by increasing the distance from them. Come prepared with fully upgraded weapons and aim at the head, utilizing Perk-a-Cola upgrades.

How to Kill Mega Abominations

You can approach this battle in many different ways, but I discovered a highly efficient strategy using Napalm Burn ammo and Juggernauts. Use your weapon to shoot at its glowing mouth, while Riot or Armored Juggernauts, which you can purchase at the High Threat Buy Stations, will distract them with PKP Pecheneg and Ballistic Plexiglass Shields.

That’s all the advice I can give on how to find and kill all special zombies in CoD MWZ. Stay tuned for more CoD MW3 tips and tricks articles, including how many kills is a multikill and 10 best marksman rifles.

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