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How to Unlock the Hyper Carlo Cart Stage in Vampire Survivors

Plow down your foes with a train in Vampire Survivors.

Carlo Cart Stage is the second new stage in Poncle’s latest content update for Vampire Survivors, and it’s truly a unique experience. You’ll get to do cart racing in the world of Vampire Survivors! Here’s how to unlock the Carlo Cart Stage in Vampire Survivors.

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How to Deal 25120 Damage With the Laborratory Train in Vampire Survivors

This content is from the v1.10.102 patch, which is currently in public beta on Steam. You can freely access it by right-clicking Vampire Survivors in the Steam Library, going to Properties, Betas, and then opting in the “public-beta” branch, closing the dialogue and letting Steam update your game.

Carlo Cart Stage in Vampire Survivors is unlocked by dealing 25120 damage with the Laborratory Train. The Laborratory Train is a repeatable event on the Laborratory Stage. If you haven’t unlocked it, here’s how to unlock the Laborratory Stage.

Once you land on the Laborratory Stage, you’ll see there are numerous hallways up and train tracks down from your starting location. For this unlock, go on those train tracks. There are visible “ladders” that will allow you to go down. Once you’re on the train tracks, you need to go left or right and search for the train track levers. Approach them, and watch the train come and plow mercilessly through your foes. Try not to get hurt yourself, though.

These track levers spawn similar to light sources, so you just need to keep pushing until you deal enough damage. Due to how many numbers are there on the screen, I was having trouble actually counting the damage, so I just played a single run until the end, and it was enough damage to complete the unlock.

After you unlock the Carlo Cart stage, you definitely want to unlock the new secret character on it. Check out the rest of our guides at our Vampire Survivors guide hub, where you’ll find more useful unlocks, such as a guide for Seal III.

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