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How to Use Green Circles in Nine Sols

Here's how to use those green circles you see for jumping in Nine Sols.

As you’re starting your Nine Sols journey and descend into the facility after the introduction, you’ll encounter several green circles in platforming sections. They’re arrayed as if you were able to use them for jumping. So, let’s talk about how to use Green Circles in Nine Sols.

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What Are Green Circles For in Nine Sols?

All the green circles that you see locked to platforming sections can be parried with the Tai-Chi Kick ability so that you can use them for jumping. To get the Tai-Chi Kick ability, after beating the first mini-boss, enter the Four Seasons Pavilion through the door with the two cat-like beings. Then, Inside, you’ll unlock the Mystic Nymph Scout Mode, finish the cutscenes, and exit the Pavilion.

fighting the first mini boss in nine sols
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Head to the right outside of the Pavilion, down the stairs, and to the locked door. Use the Mystic Nymph Scout to hack it through the small opening above the door. Head down, use the elevator, and eventually, you’ll reach a small hallway, as seen in the picture below.

getting the tai chi kick in nine sols
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Finish the platforming encounter, and you’ll reach a Root Node that triggers a cutscene, after which you unlock the Tai-Chi kick. This is essentially your parry, but while airborne, you can use it to parry green-hued effects like those green circles or green-hued attacks from enemies. Essentially, it’s like the ability in Hollow Knight to slash downward and jump off of various terrain elements and enemies.

Now, you can go back to any section with Green Circles, like the one right before the first mini-boss in front of the Four Seasons Pavillion. Simply jump on one and hit the parry button to jump off green circles in Nine Sols. For more Nine Sols guides, check out how to disable those stone robot guards.

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