Let's go over how to learn and use magic spells in King's Bounty 2.

How to Use Magic in King’s Bounty 2

Let's go over how to learn and use magic spells in King's Bounty 2.

Battles in King’s Bounty 2 provide a lot of options, from different unit compositions to a wealth of magical spells. Figuring out how to use magic can take some time, since the tutorials don’t do a great job of explaining everything.

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Your access to magic can differ depending on which character class you go with. With that in mind, we’ll go over what you need to know about both learning and using magic in King’s Bounty 2.

King’s Bounty 2: How to Use Magic

You can use one magic spell per turn, but you’ll need to either learn spells first or at least have access to a single-use magic scroll.

Using magic in battle is simple. All you need to do is press “B” to open the spellbook, pick which spell you want, and then select a target.

Each character is initially locked to one spell per turn, but there is a talent that increases that to two later in the game. The final option on the Finesse tree is Supreme Magic, giving you two spells per turn. You’ll need to dump at least 28 points in the Finesse tree in order to get it, since it’s the last talent in the tree.

The Warrior can’t actually learn any magic, and the only way they can use it is through scrolls. There are a variety of ways to get scrolls, such as from chests or magic vendors, and as rewards for completing quests. You can have more than one copy of a scroll, which will give you more uses for said spell. 

The Mage and Paladin, on the other hand, can use a scroll to learn the spell it contains, by paying the requisite amount of mana. Learning a spell will use the scroll, but give your character access to it permanently. Using learned spells during battle uses mana from a set pool that resets for each battle. 

King’s Bounty 2: How to Get Mana

Mana works as a second kind of currency in King’s Bounty 2, used to learn spells and then upgrade them. You can find mana in chests and lootable items throughout the world, although it’s usually a small amount. Occasionally you’ll also receive mana as a reward for winning a battle as well. 

Apart from those, you’ll want to keep an eye out for Mana Stones, which look like giant blue crystals floating in a set of arches. These are usually found around cities or other settlements with NPCs, and using one will grant 150 mana and grant a perk that grants more mana for the next three battles. 

That’s it for how to use magic in King’s Bounty 2. If you found this guide useful check out our other King’s Bounty 2 guides here on GameSkinny.

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