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How to Use the Glowing Green Hexagons in #Blud

Wondering what those glowing green hexagons on the ground are for in #Blud? Find the answer here.

It’s hard going more than a few hours in #Blud without seeing one of those glowing green hexagons. Like many games in its genre, #Blud likes to keep some secrets from the player, at least until they’ve spent some time with the game. One of those secrets is, of course, using those glyphs you see everywhere. But how do you use the glowing green hexagons? Let’s find out.

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Using the Glowing Green Hexagons in #Blude

The shovel upgrade from #Blud as seen from the Upgrades menu
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At first, the vampire-hunting janitor will tell you that you don’t have the right tool to use those glyphs. In order to interact with those symbols, you need to have unlocked the shovel extension for your trusty hockey stick Brenda. This is the second extension, unlocked after the umbrella shield. If you don’t have this tool, don’t worry. You’ll find it as part of #Blud‘s main story soon enough.

How to Use the Shovel Attachment

Now that you have the shovel tool, you need to use those glyphs. While clearly magical in nature, the way you interact with those symbols is quite mundane. Simply equip the shovel attachment by pressing the right arrow on the d-pad, then press the Stick Accessory button to dig down. Becky will automatically jump into the ensuing hole, and you’ll soon find yourself appearing on top of a nearby glyph.

What the Green Hexagons Do

Becky jumping into a green hexagon in #Blud.
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In short, the green hexagons are teleportation spells of sorts. But unlike the sewer’s fast travel system, which transports players from one area to another, the green hexagons are only for local travel. Jumping into one might mean appearing on the other side of the map. At most, you might find yourself transported from the inside to the outside of a building, but that’s the extent of the symbols’ power.

That’s it for how to use the glowing green hexagons in #Blud. For more content about the game, visit our #Blud guide hub.

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