Water Dumps are not easy to figure out, but this guide will help you use them the right way in Timberborn.

How to Use Water Dump in Timberborn

Water Dumps are not easy to figure out, but this guide will help you use them the right way in Timberborn.
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Proper water distribution is one of the major factors for success in Timberborn. There are several ways players can manipulate their water supplu for effective irrigation. One of the best ways to do this is to use Water Dump.

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Our guide will provide you with tips on how to use Water Dump in Timberborn, including several methods of irrigation, using levees, dams, and floodgates. You will also learn how to use dynamite and a few other things along the way.

Timberborn: How to Use Water Dump

Unlocking the Water Dump

The Water Dump is not available from the start. In order to build Water Dump you must first accumulate 250 science points.

Here’s what you need to do in order to unlock Water Dump in Timberborn:

  1. Click on the Science tab in the building menu
  2. Select Inventor building
  3. Assign one beaver to this building

The beaver inside the Inventor will produce three points of science for each completed task, so keep him busy. Once you get 250 science points, you can unlock the Water Dump at the Water building menu.

How to Use Dams

Water Dumps are used primarily to contain water that beavers carry and fill it up with. Then, this water can be used for irrigation purposes outside the Water Dump.

Dams are highly effective structures that can be used to prevent droughts by storing water. You can block certain parts of rivers with the help of dams, but only up to 6.5 meters in height. This means that the floods are still possible with the dams due to spillover.

But you can still build Water Dumps next to dams, providing your colony with an unending supply of water for irrigation.

Dams and other similar structures can be built through the Landscaping menu.

How to Use Levees

One of the other ways to utilize Water Dump is to build levees that can block water completely. You can also build other structures on top of levees, just like is the case with the dams.

However, levees can be built one on top of the other, which is not possible with the dams. This guarantees that the river flow will not spill over, because your levees can be as tall as you need them to be.

In order to unlock levees you need to accumulate 120 research points. Then, you can use them to block the flow of water and create water reservoirs or small lakes that will supply your Water Dumps whenever you need them.

How to Use Floodgates

Floodgates come in three different heights and they can be used in conjunction with dams and levees. Floodgates will let you control the amount of water you wish to pass through the dam or a levee.

Here are the three types of Floodgates and their required amount of research points:

  • Floodgate (150 RP)
  • Double Floodgate (250 RP)
  • Triple Floodgate (500 RP)

Floodgates can be well used with Water Dumps to control the amounts of water you wish to use on your irrigated farmlands.

How to Use Dynamite

Dynamite can help you terraform the landscape and create artificially controlled water flows released by the Floodgates.

You will need a lot of dynamite to blow up blocks of land in order to create new pathways for the water supply. In this case you will need to build several new structures:

  • Explosive Factory
  • Paper Mill
  • Power Generator

The entire chain of dynamite production looks like this:

  1. Click on Landscaping menu
  2. Select Explosive Factory
  3. Mark the area for the building and confirm
  4. Select Water Wheel
  5. Place it next to the running water
  6. Click on Wood menu
  7. Select Paper Mill
  8. Mark the area for the building and confirm

When these are done, use power shafts to connect all three buildings. As a result, you will gain an unending stream of dynamite production.

With the help of the explosives you can create small water reservoirs for your Water Dumps wherever you wish.

That’s everything you need to know on how to use Water Dump in Timberborn. If you want to know how to increase beaver population, then follow this guide.

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