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How to Wish in Wuthering Waves — Gacha Summoning Guide

Start collecting some new characters!

In Wuthering Waves, combat is all about teamwork. Not only do you control your main character, the mysterious Rover, but you can also collect other characters. To switch party members, you’ll first need to summon or wish for more characters through convenes. Here’s how you can get started.

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How to Unlock Convene Summons in Wuthering Waves

Just like Genshin Impact and other gacha games, to unlock more characters, you’ll need to ‘wish’ or ‘pull’ them. This means you only get characters by random chance and will have to keep trying to get the characters of higher rarity or ones you really want.

You’ll summon or wish for characters via the Convene page of your Terminal. However, you won’t get the chance to do this right away. You’ll need to complete the beginning tutorial until you enter the city. After that, complete the brief training simulation with Baizhi. You can progress to this naturally by following the main quests. After the training simulation, you’ll unlock the Convene menu in your Terminal. You can also quickly open it by pressing F3 on your keyboard.

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How to Convene Characters and Weapons in Wuthering Waves

Within the Convene menu, you can begin summoning/wishing for new weapons and characters. The banners on the left side of the menu will determine what characters and weapons you will attempt to wish for. They will continuously change every few days and match ongoing events as well. Select the banner with the character or weapons you’d like to try and get and then press Convene on the bottom right.

Wuthering Waves convene menu with banners
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In order to Convene, you will need to have Lustrous Tides. These are special materials specifically for pulling new characters. You’ll earn them in a few different ways: completing event tasks, ranking up union levels, redeeming codes, or exchanging items for them. Depending on the banner, you can use one Lustrous Tide to summon one character or weapon or use ten Lustrous Tides to summon ten of them.

Item Exchange menu with  tides available to exchange in Wuthering Waves
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Some rarer banners require Radiant Tides. They work the same way as Lustrous Tides but are a little more complicated to come by. The best way to get them is to exchange items for them via the Item Exchange menu. The other option is to use some Astrite since you gain this material more often.

Convene Drop Rates

You only obtain characters and weapons by random chance in Wuthering Waves, meaning you will have to use convene often to get what you really want. The items with higher rarity will have less of a chance to appear than the items with lower rank. Here’s a better look at each of the drop rates:

  • Base 5-Star Resonator – 0.8%
  • Average 5-Star Resonator – 1.8%
    • Guaranteed to get a 5-Star Resonator every 80 Convenes
  • Base 4-Star Resonator or Weapon – 6.0%
  • Average 4-Star Resonator or Weapon -12.0%
    • Guaranteed to get a 4-Star Resonator or Weapon every 10 Convenes
  • Base 3-Star Weapon – 93.2%

You’ll have to keep summoning multiple times to end up with the items you really want. Thankfully, if you happen to get items you already collected multiple times, you’ll pick up some extra rewards along with them. These can be Corals and Wavebands, which you can use in the Exchange Item menu to get more Tides or other materials with.

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