An apple a day keeps Calamity Ganon away, so read on to find how to make the most of apples in Age of Calamity.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Apple Guide — How to Get More Apples

An apple a day keeps Calamity Ganon away, so read on to find how to make the most of apples in Age of Calamity.

Since Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity employs a mission-based structure unlike Breath of the Wild’s open-world, and item use is quite limited once you’ve begun a mission, a good apple supply is necessary for restoring hearts after running into a particularly strong enemy. That’s where apple farming comes in handy.

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While you can’t technically farm apples in Age of Calamity, this guide outlines the best ways to get apples in the game, as well as how to increase their drop rates with skills and weapons. It also covers how to bake apples and what healing methods to use if you run out of the red, delicious treats. 

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Apple Guide

How to Find Apples and Use Them

Much like rupees, apples can be found amongst the destructible crates and barrels scattered across each battlefield. They can also be obtained by defeating enemies, though the drop rate for them is through this method is very low. 

You have two quick menus you can access during battles. One is for Sheikah Slate abilities, activated by pressing “R.” But pressing “L” brings up elemental attacks. Occupying the fourth slot (the “B” button) is a food meter, which fills up when collecting apples.

All you need to do is press “B” to restore health quickly. Apples are shared across your entire party, so we recommend only using this out of necessity when close to death. You can only hold a few apples at once, as well, though the initial limit can be increased later. If the food meter is full and you pick up an apple, the apple you pick up automatically replenishes your health.

Improving Apple Drops and Health Restoration

Each weapon has individual skills; some offer a 3-5% boost to healing items and others give you a 12-20%  increase to healing item drops, both of which cover apples.

If your desired weapon doesn’t have these effects, that’s easily rectified. You can transfer skills from one weapon to another via the Blacksmith, who is paid in rupees. Just choose a base weapon you want to upgrade and the weapon you’ll be fusing to take that skill.

Can I Bake Apples Like Before?

Though some of the steps are different, you can still bake apples. Unlike Breath of the Wild, cooking meals can only be done before starting a mission, and apples can’t leave battle with you.

However, pressing “L” and “Y” gives access to the Fire Rod, and if you cast a flame attack over an apple, you’ll bake them! Baked apples provide a stronger health boost.

Other Healing Methods

If your character levels up mid-battle, Age of Calamity has a system that fully heals them. This method is more unreliable at higher levels, but ensuring you defeat big groups of enemies when they appear, it has multiple benefits.

Mipha’s special abilities can also heal you once she joins the team. By using her strong attack (“X” button), a fountain appears that can heal allies by half a heart. As a bonus, her special attack creates a mini-tidal wave, one that restores a significantly higher portion of health instead, so having her in your party is advised.

Hot springs can also be located after Chapter 2, which gradually heal your character when you enter them.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity was only announced a few months ago but Nintendo’s big holiday release is here and in our opinion, it’s pretty fantastic. Combining the hack-and-slash mechanics of 2014’s non-canon spin-off Hyrule Warriors into a Breath of the Wild prequel, Age of Calamity holds a high level of gameplay depth worth exploring.

That’s all you need to know about Age of Calamity apples. For more, consider checking out our guide on how to unlock Calamity Ganon here, as well as our rankings for the top playable characters in Age of Calamity.

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