Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity — How to Unlock Calamity Ganon

The latest Hyrule Warriors game has a not-so-secret character in the endgame content. Here's how to unlock Calamity Ganon in Age of Calamity.

The latest Hyrule Warriors game has a not-so-secret character in the endgame content. Here's how to unlock Calamity Ganon in Age of Calamity.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity’s ultimate unlockable character is Calamity Ganon, and it’s not a spoiler to say that because you wouldn’t be here unless you knew about it anyway. Unlocking Calamity Ganon in Age of Calamity is a multi-step process spanning several challenges and the game’s secret ending.

This guide will walk you through how to get through it all, including how to get Terrako Components, what level you should be, and how to get through each of the challenges and fights. 

How to Unlock Calamity Ganon — Terrako Components

Finishing the main story’s 20 missions is just the beginning to getting Calamity Ganon. The next step in unlocking Calamity Ganon is putting Terrako back together, and it might take a while.

You’ll need 50 Terrako components to put the Terrako back together, and they don’t always come easy. 

Some quests require valuable materials such as Star Pieces and gems. Others are combat quests focused on specific characters — usually the Champions — with recommended levels in the upper 50s. Each often has a time limit, as well.

Once you start putting Terrako back together, multiple Terrako-related quests pop up on the map. Those are a good place to start your component collection, but make sure the Sheikah Sensor is tracking Terrako components so you don’t overlook any quests.

After gathering 45 Terrako components, a final quest opens. Completing it grants you the last five Terrako components and triggers Age of Calamity’s secret ending, but you’re not done yet.

Versus Calamity Ganon Challenge

The next step in unlocking Calamity Ganon is admittedly a bit vague. You’ll want to keep completing challenges until you unlock the challenge tier with recommended levels ranging from 71 through 80.

After you complete a number of these, then the “Versus Calamity Ganon” challenge appears.

Having Link closer to Level 80 is a good idea for this challenge, because you must clear three bosses in 12 minutes or less. Fortunately, you’ve dealt with these before and should have a good idea of how to handle them already.

Astor Fight

First up is Astor. Despite not having any Rune weaknesses, Astor’s just as simple as ever. He launches malice projectiles, teleports around the map, and causes malice geysers to erupt around him. 

Most of these attacks are easy enough to dodge and open a Flurry Rush opportunity. You can also take advantage of the spike barricades to do a wall jump, get behind Astor, and attack his back to damage his defenses that way.

And as always, keep the environment in mind. If he’s standing in a puddle, use the thunder rod or Cryonis to deal extra damage.

Harbinger Ganon Fight

Once Astor’s dealt with, Harbinger Ganon appears. Harbinger Ganon is weak to Stasis, so take advantage of that every time it pops up. Even without that, Harbinger Ganon opens its defenses often.

Dodge around its melee attacks and beams to attack its weak spot or, like with Astor, get behind it. This one shouldn’t take too long.

Calamity Ganon Fight

Last is Calamity Ganon itself, and it’s not a tough fight, either. Calamity Ganon is weak to all the Runes. As always, dodging the Cryonis charge is often better than using the Rune itself since it creates a Flurry Rush chance and keeps the Slate ready for other uses like hurling bombs.

Another prime Flurry Rush opportunity comes from Calamity Ganon’s punch attacks, which are both incredibly easy to dodge and something the beast openly telegraphs.

If any of this gives you trouble, don’t forget you can adjust the mission difficulty at the prep screen. No harm in cranking it down to easy so you can reap the rewards.

Either way, once you’ve completed Versus Calamity Ganon and unlocked Calamity Ganon, you can steamroll the game’s remaining quests as the ultimate incarnation of malice. But if you’re wondering which non-evil-incarnate character is the best for normal play, we’ve got you covered with our Age of Calamity tier list.

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