Hyrule Warriors Legends Adventure Mode Guide

Need to know how Adventure mode works in Hyrule Warriors Legends? Then check out this guide!

Need to know how Adventure mode works in Hyrule Warriors Legends? Then check out this guide!

Adventure mode in Hyrule Warriors Legends has many extra things in comparison the normal Legend and Free modes. You battle just like the rest of the game, but there is an added layer of discovery, puzzles, and rules.

There are plenty of items and paths to take, and it can be hard to figure out how to do everything when getting started. I am going to help by explaining everything about the mode so you won’t waste time unlocking what you want.

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This guide will go over everything about Adventure mode in Hyrule Warriors Legends including:

  • Adventure Mode Info How this mode works and the different things you should expect and can unlock.
  • Item Card Info – Descriptions of what each of the items do to help while looking on the Adventure mode map.

Adventure Mode Info

Adventure Mode in Hyrule Warriors Legends takes place on a map separated into panels. Each panel has specific rules on how the battle goes.

You don’t start with all the panels unlocked and you must complete individual panels to unlock the surrounding ones. You also get ranked for each battle, based on time taken, damage taken, and sometimes number of KOs. Some panels require you to get a certain rank to unlock new panels.

There are sometimes walls to block progress, and you will need to find a path around to the panel you want to reach.

The battles can be very different than what you are used to in Legend and Free mode. Sometimes you must fight as a certain character, defeat enemies or bosses in time, or complete “quizzes” that involve defeating the correct enemy to answer the question correctly.


You can also unlock many things in Adventure mode, including other characters. 

This mode is the only way to get companion fairies, which give you bonuses in battles. You can also get food and clothes to use on your fairies in this mode. Weapons, gold skulltullas, and heart containers are other things you can get while playing this game mode.


Another thing you must do on some panels is search. When you search a panel, it shows different objects that you will need an item card for.

Hyrule Warriors Legends Adventure mode searching

You often need to use a compass item card to reveal the location first, then the appropriate item card to unlock the area or bonus.

You sometimes cannot even start a battle on a panel until you search to reveal the enemies. More on items in the Item Card Info section.

Network and Streetpass Links

If you connect to the Internet or turn on Streetpass features, you will sometimes find Links on certain panels. These are other players and completing these battles will give them bonuses. 

The fights are harder, but you will also get better rewards for completing them.

Item Card Info

  • Bomb – Use this item on walls to uncover hidden caves
  • Candle – Use this item to burn down trees to uncover stairways.
  • Ladder – Use this to move across a single space of water.
  • Power Bracelet – Use this item on heavy rocks or tombstones to uncover hidden stairways.
    • Heavy Rocks are the snail-looking icons
  • Water Bomb – Use this item on submerged rocks to destroy them.
  • Digging Mitts – Use these on soft earth to uncover hidden stairways.
    • Soft earth is the green patch icon
  • Ice Arrow – Use these on circles of flame to uncover hidden stairways.
  • Raft – Use this on piers to cross to the opposite shore.
  • Hookshot – Use this on distant targets to pull yourself to them, such as climbing mountains.
  • Recorder – Use this on a small body of water to reveal secrets and enemies.
  • Goddess’s Harp – Use it on Goddess Butterflies to make Gossip Stones appear.

That’s it for my guide on Adventure Mode in Hyrule Warriors Legends. Let me know if you have any questions!

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