Icon Guess Quiz – Icon Mix Answers for Levels 1 to 30

Simple answers to Icon Guess Quiz levels 1 to 30.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Icon Guess Quiz from Cloud Serf Games puts your mind to the test with vectorized or altered images of popular brands, TV shows, and international icons.

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Pushing through the first part of the game, you will see that sometimes two questions in a row have related answers. Keep this in mind as you push forward through the game’s fun levels.

You can see the level you are on at the top of the screen. If you are looking for answers to another level bracket, they may be covered in one of these:

Good luck and have fun!

Level Answer
 Level 1 Bambi 
 Level 2 ET 
 Level 3  Italy
 Level 4 Homer 
 Level 5 Bart 
 Level 6 Mexico 
 Level 7 Japan 
 Level 8 Dubai 
 Level 9 London 
 Level 10 Egypt 
 Level 11 Canada 
 Level 12 France 
 Level 13 Paris 
 Level 14 Brazil 
 Level 15 Sydney 
 Level 16 Australia 
 Level 17 Pisa 
 Level 18 Rome 
 Level 19 Avatar 
 Level 20 Shrek 
 Level 21 Simpsons 
 Level 22 Scream 
 Level 23 Hangover 
 Level 24 Intel 
 Level 25 Windows 
 Level 26 Chrome 
 Level 27 Wilson 
 Level 28 YouTube
 Level 29 Spotify
 Level 30 Oakley


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