Check out our tier list guide of the best dozen heroes in Idle Arena: Chaos Impact X.

Idle Arena Chaos Impact: Best Heroes Tier List

Check out our tier list guide of the best dozen heroes in Idle Arena: Chaos Impact X.
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Idle Arena: Chaos Impact X has over 100 different heroes of various races and factions, all of which can be used in solo and co-operative PvE and PvP modes. Determining which are the best heroes isn’t a simple task. That’s where this character tier list comes in.

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This guide will list all the best heroes in Idle Arena: Chaos Impact X, ranking them tiers S, A, and B. All 12 heroes listed below are exceptional in their respective roles, but there are always good alternatives to be found if you can’t roll a specific hero from this list.

Idle Arena Chaos Impact: S-Tier Heroes


  • Max Attack: 5942
  • Max HP: 35214

Honyi is the best ranged character in Idle Arena Chaos Impact and has the highest damage. His Burst Damage attack is especially powerful. Equip him with Sunset Bow and watch your enemies burn down in flames of fire.

Ji Fa

  • Max Attack: 5620
  • Max HP: 30886

As for the best melee character on this tier list, Ji Fa is a great hero that is capable of breaking enemy’s armor, as well as expelling their souls. Give her the Gilded Axe for maximum physical damage.

Li Jing

  • Max Attack: 3033
  • Max HP: 44691

Although Li Jing is a mortal hero, she is currently the best tank character in Idle Arena Chaos Impact due to her tremendous HP pool. She can avert all the damage from allies onto herself, using her Taunt and Damage Reduction skills, as well as her Wonder Tower relic.

A-Tier Heroes

Deng Chanyu

  • Max Attack: 4092
  • Max HP: 40115

Deng Chanyu is currently the best healer; they can not only revive targeted allies but also utilize a healing AoE that restores all allies at once. They are the ultimate support character in Idle Arena: Chaos Impact X.


  • Max Attack: 4123
  • Max HP: 44213

If you’re looking for a good healer, as well as an attacker, then Chang’e would be an excellent alternative to Deng Chanyu. She can use her exclusive Moonlight relic and increase the attacking power of all her allies.


  • Max Attack: 5946
  • Max HP: 30615

Nezha is a fantastic attacker, and also highly mobile due to her Pursuit skill. She can also Silence characters, removing their buffs or debuffs. This makes her one of the best character heroes on this tier list.

Jiang Ziya

  • Max Attack: 5621
  • Max HP: 33065

Jiang is a powerful mage, who can prevent your enemies from healing, which is a great debuff ability to have. He can also break an enemy’s armor using his staff.

B-Tier Heroes


  • Max Attack: 1986
  • Max HP: 19378

Although Shiji can be a very useful support character, who can reflect incoming damage, thus protecting her team, she can also deal some serious damage using her AoE skill.

Golden Crow

  • Max Attack: 2411
  • Max HP: 15284

This melee attacker may not have the highest damage or HP, but his Bleed and Leech skills can be of high value during boss fights. One ability slowly kills enemies by bleeding them out, and another one drains their HP.

Bone Spirit

  • Max Attack: 2555
  • Max HP: 15122

Some mages have extra tricks to make their seemingly low power a lot more dangerous than it seems at first. Bone Spirit can summon a Monster Aura and increase her critical hit chance for maximum damage.


  • Max Attack: 1536
  • Max HP: 20548

If you weren’t able to reroll for Li Jing, then Pangu can be a good tank alternative. His Taunt and Shield abilities give him extra strength to withstand multiple attacks, and his Void Armor can easily compensate for his generally low HP.


  • Max Attack: 2849
  • Max HP: 19212

Here is another solid debuff supporter with Dispel ability that can remove unwanted status effects. Shennong can also share damage with other allies, that’s why it’s important to combine him with other tanks. Lastly, he has access to the Shennong Vessel, an exclusive relic.

Those are the best character heroes in Idle Arena: Chaos Impact X. Be sure to check out other mobile game guides for tips and tricks on other popular titles!

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