Here's how to use Immortals Fenyx Rising cross save feature through the cloud and take advantage of the game's cross progression capabilities.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Cross Save: How to Cloud Save

Here's how to use Immortals Fenyx Rising cross save feature through the cloud and take advantage of the game's cross progression capabilities.
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Immortals Fenyx Rising has a godly secret: you transport your save game to any other platform the game is available on thanks to its amazing cross play cloud save feature. This means that if you’re playing it on Xbox and want to go mobile, you can use your current quest on the Switch version through cross save.

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It’s hard to overstate how incredible a feature this is. 

Below, we go over how to use Immortals Fenyx Rising cross save features, including how to upload your save to the cloud and load them on other cross play supported platforms. 

Immortals Fenyx Rising Cross Save Explained

We’ve seen similar features before, but seldom, if ever, at this level. The Witcher 3, for instance, lets Switch and PC users co-mingle their adventure. This all-system approach to cross save also means the game can follow you from one gen to the next, so if you started on the PS4 or Xbox One, Fenyx will fly like a bird right over to the PS5 or XSX. And, of course, it also means you can move from any console to the PC version.

There are a couple of caveats to keep in mind.

First, you’ll need a Ubisoft Connect account, and it will have to be linked to whatever other account (like your Xbox or PlayStation user account) you’re playing on. When you load Immortals up, you’ll also have to be logged into that Ubisoft Connect account (which it does automatically after you do it once).

If you’ve played any other Ubisoft game in recent years, odds are you’ve created an account already as it’s a good source of custom armor and items.

The second thing to remember is when loading a save from one platform onto another, you’ll spawn at the nearest major fast travel location (such as the giant god statues or the Hall of the Gods), not the exact location you were at in the original save. While this might be a small disappointment, all other progress and items will be left fully intact making it a small price to pay.

How to Upload Your Immortals Save to the Cloud

To get all this cross platform ambrosia going, first go to the options menu and select “Online Save.”

Select “Send Online.”

Pick the save game you want to send to the cloud and hold the select button down. 

  • A on Xbox One, Series X|S
  • Y on PS4, PS5
  • X on Switch
  • E on PC

The save is now in the cloud.


Loading the Save Elsewhere

To load the saved game on another version or machine, choose “Online Save” just as before and then select “Load from Online.”

Hold the cursor circle over the save you want to load, hold the select button down, and the game will load with that save file. 

That’s all there is to it. Ubisoft deserves a lot of praise for this cross save, cross play feature. We’ve tested it extensively between the Xbox One and Switch versions of the game, and it’s helped make Immortals Fenyx Rising one of the most obsessively played game of the season. For more on, head over to the game’s main hub here!

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