The Immortals Fenyx Rising mythical monsters are some of the game's toughest challenges. Here's where to find these foes and a few tips for taking them down.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Mythical Monsters: Locations and Strategies

The Immortals Fenyx Rising mythical monsters are some of the game's toughest challenges. Here's where to find these foes and a few tips for taking them down.

It can often be difficult to prioritize tasks in open-world games like Immortals Fenyx Rising, but there are always those that are more lucrative than others.  With so many icons on the map and only so much time, it’s certain you won’t want to miss out on the Immortals Fenyx Rising mythical monsters. 

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There are four of these bosses scattered across the Golden Isle, and they offer some of the toughest challenges in the entire game. You’ll want to have your skills and gear at a very high level before taking any of these foes on. The rewards are well worth it, however, as these bosses drop some of the slickest gear in the game.

The guide below tells you where to find the four mythic monsters in Immortals Fenyx Rising, and it provides a few strategies on how best to prepare for each battle. Since mythical monsters are based on standard enemies (you’ll face powered down versions of them in vaults during your playthrough), it’s wise to know what you’re getting into ahead of time. 

Ozomene, Mythical Harpy

Ozomene is probably the easiest of these four creatures to fight, and it’s also the simplest to gear up for. Since Ozomene is a harpy, you’ll want your weapons and armor that give you an advantage with air combos. You’ll also want to make sure you have your throwing abilities mastered, as objects will spawn around the battleground for you to throw at Ozomene for big damage and stun.

You’ll find Ozomene in the Valley of Eternal Spring, on an island southwest of the Aphrodite scouting statue. You’ll actually be directed towards it eventually in a quest from Athena, but you can take it on before getting those marching orders. You’ll be able to spot its location pretty easily: a huge cyclone rages around the arena. Just head for that.

Defeating Ozomene will grant you the Wings of the Hideous. Athena will also give you a nice reward.

Medusa, Mythical Gorgon

To battle with Medusa, you’ll want to head towards an island in the northwestern portion of the Grove of Kleos. Look for the area that’s dark and looks burned, with almost no greenery. There’s a pretty easy path to follow once you reach this creepy area, with several sets of stairs leading you to Medusa’s arena.

Medusa is an incredibly frustrating fight. She teleports a lot, so just keeping track of her is a pain. She also can turn you to stone; this effect doesn’t last very long, but she can burst you down while you’re frozen. Pick your shots carefully and try to avoid long charge attacks. Medusa is so maneuverable that they usually miss unless timed perfectly.

Defeating Medusa will earn you the Legendary Sureshot Bow.

Polyphemos, Mythical Cyclops

Polyphemos is actually an easier fight than you would think. He hits like a truck, but his slow movement speed and telegraphed attacks are generally easy to avoid. Just keep moving and don’t overextend, and you’ll make quick work of this brute.

You’ll find Polyphemos in The Forgelands. He resides on an island off the northeastern coast of the area. Look for the giant crystals floating above the area and head in that direction to find his arena. Bring plenty of potions and stay ready to dodge.

Beating Polyphemos will reward you with the Fabled Guardian’s Axe.

Kottos, Mythical Hekatonchires

Kottos is the only mythical monster that has any sort of “gate” put forth by the story mode. You’ll find him in the fortress in the southeastern section of War’s Den, but it’s blocked off by a stamina draining aura. You only gain access to the area by advancing Ares’ questline far enough that he teaches you how to open the gates.

Once you’ve opened up this area, you’ll find Kottos on top of the fortress, high above the treasure room you’ll explore in the quest.

This guy is very tough. He’s fast, his attacks hit a wide area, and he does a ton of damage. Keep your distance until you understand his patterns, and don’t overcommit. His attacks are tough to avoid if you’re right next to him, so you’ll want to do your damage and get to safety as often as possible. 

Defeating Kottos will earn you the Sprintrunner Sword.

Once you’ve defeated all four of the mythical monsters in Immortals Fenyx Rising, you’ll also earn the “Who’s the Boss” trophy or achievement.

That’s all you need to know about the Immortals Fenyx Rising mythical monsters. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks for Immortals Fenyx Rising, check out our game page for more.

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