Injustice 2 Scarecrow Guide

Check this guide for all the tips you need to play Scarecrow in Injustice 2!

Check this guide for all the tips you need to play Scarecrow in Injustice 2!
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Scarecrow is a lanky, awkward character with long reach in Injustice 2. He uses unorthodox grabs, jumping attacks, and fear toxin to keep his opponent guessing. If you don’t know his attacks or patterns, he can be a real pain to fight. 

So, I’m going to teach you a few things about the master of fear so you can become your opponent’s worst nightmare during battle.

This guide will go over playing as Scarecrow in Injustice 2, including:

  • Scarecrow Basics — His play style, special moves, and character powers.
  • Scarecrow Combos — Examples of damage-dealing combos you can perform as Scarecrow.

Scarecrow Basics

injustice 2 scarecrow guide

Scarecrow is an interesting character to play because of his amazing reach. I would still classify him as a close-range fighter (not a ranged/zoner) because he has a longer reach than most. Some of his basic attacks and combos are able to hit opponents at great distances — or knock opponents away, giving him time to build his defenses.

Scarecrow’s Special Moves
  • Death Spin — Down, Back, Light Attack 
  • Scythe Grab — Back, Forward, Light Attack 
  • Toxin Breath — Back, Forward, Medium Attack 
  • Fear Ferno — Down, Back, Medium Attack 
  • Fear Toxin — Down, Back, Heavy Attack 
  • Schizophrenia — Down, Back, Forward, Heavy Attack
  • Panic Port — Down, Up 

Death Spin and Scythe Grab are great moves to use during combos. Meter Burn Death Spin will juggle the opponent so you can continue combos. Scythe Grab pulls enemies in and a meter burn will do an extra attack that greatly fills up the Fear Meter, which we’ll talk more about later.

Schizophrenia is a great grab attack and can be used at the end of certain combos. Panic Port is a teleport with no attack, which, honestly, is not very good. There doesn’t seem to be invincibility at any point, but it can be useful on Zoners.

Scarecrow’s Character Power

Scarecrow’s character power has two parts: Inner Fear and Traumatize.

Activating inner fear will give you a toxin aura that damages enemies when you get close to them. That damage — and any move that uses Fear Toxin — will add to the Fear Meter. Once it is full, the bar will turn green and you can perform the Traumatize attack.

Traumatize is a full-screen attack that stuns enemies as they fall to the floor — if it connects. This does good damage and is great for setting up combos. It is a good idea to activate Inner Fear if you are about to do a long combo that involves Fear Toxin attacks. It is also good to activate it whenever you can for the extra damage.

Inner Fear is able to defeat opponents on its own.

injustice 2 scarecrow abilities

Scarecrow’s Combos

You can view how some of the longer combos look in the header video, but let me go over some of the preset Scarecrow combos that are very helpful in Injustice 2.

Before I list Scarecrow’s combos, here is a quick button layout legend to use as reference for the moves to come.

  • U, D, F, B = Up, Down, Forward, Back
  • 1 = Light Attack
  • 2 = Medium Attack
  • 3 = Heavy Attack
  • 4 = Character Power
  • MB = Meter Burn
  • Ji = Jump in
  • Mind Over Body: F-2-1 
  • Beware: B-2-2-1
  • Subliminal Messages:1-2-3 
  • Succumb to Fear: 3-F-2+1-3
  • Another Experiment: F1-3
  • Grip on Reality: 2-2-F3

Succumb to Fear is a fun combo that knocks the opponent away and hits them with the scythe. Grip on Reality is an excellent way to end combos if you can time it right because it knocks opponents away and deals good damage on its own.

The rest are small combos that can be used during a longer chain combo or for starting a combo. Below are a few examples of longer combos you can do with Scarecrow.

  • Subliminal Messages Combo canceled into Schizophrenia.
  • 1, 2, 3 ~ DBF3
    • This is a simple 3-hit combo, but you can link it into Scarecrow’s special grab for good damage.
1 Meter Burn
  • Start with Beware or Another Experiment combo, Meter Burn Death Spin, Back Launch attack, Jump in with a medium attack, move forward, Grip on Reality combo
  • B2, 2, 1 or F1,3 ~ MB DB1, B3, Ji2, F ~ 2, 2, F3

This does almost as much as the 2 meter combo, but it harder to time the ending right.

2 Meter Burn
  • Start with Beware or Another Experiment combo, Meter Burn Death Spin, Back Launch attack, Jump in with a medium attack, Mind over Body Combo, end with Meter Burn Scythe Grab
  • B2, 2, 1 or F1,3 ~ MB DB1, B3, Ji2, F2, 1 ~ MB BF1

This does the most damage of my listed combos, but it takes 2 meters to do it. The 1-meter combo that ends with Grip on Reality is better if you want to save meter, but requires better timing. 

You can also skip the jump in part and use Scythe Grab right after B3.


Those are all the tips and combos I have for Scarecrow in Injustice 2. Let me know if you have any questions or combo tips of your own! 

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