Injustice (Mobile) – Aquaman Challenge Mode Guide

Fish for Thanksgiving? Injustice serves up some seafood with an Aquaman Challenge Mode.
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Same Powers As SpongeBob

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Adding a new Injustice: Gods Among Us challenge is pretty much a monthly and seasonal event. So, the ‘turkey’ jokes may fly now that the latest Challenge Mode from NetherRealms has posted – Aquaman. 

Despite all of the disrespect and heat the King of Atlantis has taken over the years, the game has really given many players a newfound appreciation for the man who can talk to fish.

Besides the fact that his Power Move attack is one of the best and most bad-ass cinematics to watch, Arthur Curry is also quite lethal with that trident. In Challenge Modes or PvP, getting skewered dozens of times by Aquaman is one thing that can truly frustrate. It will literally get me cursing because I feel like he’s too fast on the draw with it, so eventually taking him down feels ever more satisfying. 

This new Prime version of Aquaman brings a new Atlantean Hero ability to summon an undersea warrior to his aid.

Not Chicken of the Sea Are You?

There are five series of challenges. If you complete them all, you can attempt a harder Expert version, maybe go for Nightmare level. And you’ll have until December 8th to complete as many as you can.

Each set of battles you win, you get a part of Aquaman’s gear (Belt, Sea Turtle, Boots, Cod Fish, Wrist Guard). Once you have won all five challenges, a Gold Level Aquaman is added to your collection.

But, you don’t have to complete all of the battles to win a prize:

  • 24 Fights Won – Free Bronze Booster Pack (worth 8,000 credits)
  • 36 Fights Won – +15,000 Power Credits
  • 48 Fights Won – Free Silver Booster Pack (worth 35,000 credits)

You Dare Challenge the King of Atlantis?!

How you dive into this challenge is up to you, considering the ever growing roster of DC characters to choose from, but here’s my suggestions:

  • Challenge 1: Bronze Characters Only – Nightwing up front to deflect, Deathstroke takes’em with Full Auto and Lex Luthor gives 15% boost.
  • Challenge 2:  Green Lantern Must Be On Your Team – Considering all of the Green Lantern choices, Red Son Lantern with other Red Son teammates would be a strong choice. John Stewart’s 2nd attack is strong. Bronze Green Lantern’s Rocket Barrage is also quite potent.
  • Challenge 3: Bronze or Silver Characters Only – Nightwing or Luthor for power drain, then either Silver Bane’s 2nd attacks are devastating.
  • Challenge 4: Cyborg Must Be On Your Team – Silver Cyborg’s 2nd attack is very strong, but still go for it if you have Teen Titan Cyborg.
  • Challenge 5: Green Arrow Must Be On Your Team – A challenging option unless you have the Gold Arrow version of Green Arrow.

Reclaiming the Throne

In the console version of Injustice, Aquaman Prime arrives at Atlantis to find out the King of Atlantis in this alternate universe planned to agree to a non-aggression treaty with Superman as his Regime clamps down on the rest of the Earth. 

He also fought alongside the other Earth Prime Justice League members and the Insurgency to free Batman from Stryker’s Island.

Like Wonder Woman’s concern for her Amazon sisters, Arthur’s loyalty is to his people first and that loyalty can come into confrontation with other members of the Justice League. Indeed, in the Injustice comics, his primary focus is keeping Atlantis free and out of the conflict.

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