Injustice (Mobile) – Breakthrough Mode and Jessica Cruz Challenge

NetherRealms' new update allows players to promote mastered characters to become even more powerful!

NetherRealms' new update allows players to promote mastered characters to become even more powerful!

Injustice: Gods Among Us premiered as a mobile app in 2013 and it’s still going strong, even while fighting game fans of the console version wait for the release of Injustice 2.

However, it has been some time since a major update, back when Survival Mode and Augmentations were introduced. After three years of super hero combat, many players have maxed out a lot of their characters and may be hitting the wall. Well, it’s time to break through that wall!

Breakthrough is a special challenge where players can win a chance to promote a character beyond the Elite VII and Level 50 maximums. You just have to beat Ares. You know, the God of War!

Tear Down This Wall!

To begin, select the Breakthrough option at the top of the screen.

This will bring up the Team Selection menu. The Breakthrough Challenges cycle, so it could be a Bronze Breakthrough, a Silver or a Gold.

Select ONLY characters that are maxed out (Level 50 AND Elite VII). At least one of them must not have already been promoted.

You’ll face three battles vs. AI teams chosen to take you down. The final battle is a Boss Battle against Ares. Beware! This Boss Version of Ares has an INSTANT KO ability – RAGE.

There’s one chance to protect yourself, when you see Ares power it up. Time your block, but you have to nail it exactly. But, it’s not impossible.

If victorious in battle, you can then select one character on the team to be promoted to a new higher level. Characters max out at Elite 10. Good luck.

Rebirth Jessica Cruz Challenge!

Power Ring

A crime victim who was once forced to wear the villainous Ring of Volthoom, Jessica Cruz would later free herself of its control and become a Green Lantern. Now, you have a chance to add her to your Injustice: Gods Among Us roster.

This new Green Lantern is based on Jessica Cruz from the Rebirth storyline. She has a new ability (Lantern’s Might), which gives an added 2nd Level attack for each Lantern character on her team (Hal Jordan, John Stewart and even Green Lantern Sinestro). 

Unlike the Turbine Smash 1st level attack wielded by Hal Jordan and John Stewart, Jessica has a new, but similar Battering Ram strike, with her unique second attack power being Getting The Hang of This, a series of Lantern ring-powered blows and strikes.

Beware My Power!

Complete all five challenges to add Rebirth Jessica Cruz to your roster, and then you can later attempt the more challenging Expert version, or maybe try for Nightmare level.

For each set of battles you win, you get a part of Jessica’s Green Lantern gear (Emblem, Gloves, Ring, Boots, and Eye Patch). Once you have won all five challenges, a Gold Level Jessica Cruz is added to your collection.

And, you don’t have to complete all of the battles to win prizes:

  • 24 Fights Won – Free Bronze Booster Pack (worth 8,000 credits)
  • 36 Fights Won – +15,000 Power Credits
  • 48 Fights Won – Free Silver Booster Pack (worth 35,000 credits)

This Challenge Mode runs until Thursday, December 22nd.

Eye Patch on the Prize

Here’s some of our tips for conquering all 63 battles needed to win.

  • Challenge 1: Bronze Characters Only – We’re big fans of an energy drainer like Luthor or Nightwing to deflect and build power, then Green Lantern for his Rocket Barrage or Deathstroke for Full Auto.
  • Challenge 2:  Flash Must Be On Your Team – Injustice has a number of Flash characters you can choose from, like Bronze Prime, New 52, Elseworld, Metahuman, Reverse and new Wally West. All Flash characters have the Lightning Kick first attack, and the only real downside is most second attacks for Flash characters tend to be easier to block.
  • Challenge 3: Bronze or Silver Characters Only – Similar to Challenge 1. Use Nightwing or Luthor to drain and use silver Bane’s great 2nd attack.
  • Challenge 4:  Sinestro Must Be On Your Team – All of four versions of Sinestro have Death From Above, which is a strong first attack. Also, they all receive a passive bonus when an opponent tags out, so you could bring him in against a weakened enemy who will retreat.
  • Challenge 5: Superman Must Be On Your Team – The only real downside here is that since ALL Superman characters are Gold, you either have to buy one or find one in Gold packs. His Flying Punch first attack is always a good solid strike.

In 1994, DC Comics made the decision to remove Hal Jordan as the primary Green Lantern character. They replaced him with Kyle Rayner.

The Rebirth story resurrected Hal Jordan after he had become the villain Parallax.  He again assumed his place as Earth’s Green Lantern.

Hal named Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz new protectors of Earth, so the Rebirth version of her has been added to the roster. The Injustice update 2.13 also added a Rebirth version of The Flash (Wally West) and Raven.

Are there other Green Lantern characters you would love to see in Injustice like Guy Gardener or Kilowog? 

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