Into the Breach Pilots Guide

Find out how to unlock all the pilots and what pilot/mech combos are the best in this guide to Into the Breach.

Find out how to unlock all the pilots and what pilot/mech combos are the best in this guide to Into the Breach.

Pilots and mechs in Into the Breach make up the necessary duo to resist Veks, protect pods, and ultimately control the islands. Proper pilot/mech combinations in squads can easily lead you to a guaranteed victory even on the hardest difficulty.

Currently, there are 24 pilots available in the game, including the AI pilot and cyborgs — pilot/mech hybrids. If you want to know how to unlock all of the pilots in Into the Breach and combine them with the best mechs, then follow our guide below.

How to Unlock Pilots in Into the Breach

Unlocking the Into the Breach secret pilots

Artificial Pilot

You don’t need to unlock an AI pilot. You get it automatically in case your main pilot gets killed, so every mech has a default AI pilot just to keep it going.

Generic Pilots
  • Archive Inc Pilot
  • Detritus Pilot
  • Pinnacle Pilot
  • RST Pilot

You will get one of these four generic pilots every time you start a new timeline. They usually replace your AI pilot untill you get a better one.

Default Pilot
  • Ralph Karlsson

Ralph is the game’s main protagonist and your default pilot. He gains you a +2 bonus XP per kill, which makes him great for leveling up in the beginning.

Time Pod Pilots

When you successfully protect a time pod, you can open it and get one of these pilots at random:

  • Abe Isamu

All of Abe’s mechs automatically gain Armored ability, which protects them from damage.

  • Archimedes

Here’s an excellent offensive pilot that can move again after shooting.

  • Bethany Jones

This pilot gives your mechs a protective shield at the start of each mission.

  • Camila Vera

This pilot protects mechs from such effects as Webbing and Smoke.

  • Chen Rong

Chen gains +1 Move after each attack, making him an extremely valuable offensive pilot.

  • Gana

This non-human pilot can damage adjacent enemies and can be deployed anywhere on the map.

  • Harold Schmidt

Harold is a mechanic that is good for repairing mechs, and thus, outfitting other mechs.

  • Henry Kwan

Henry has the ability to move through enemy tiles, which gives him a great advantage over other pilots.

  • Isaac Jones

This would be a great beginner’s pilot since he lets you reset one turn every battle.

  • Lily Reed

Lily should work with really slow mechs since she adds +3 Move on the first turn of every mission.

  • Prospero

If you want to make any mech fly, then this should be your pilot.

  • Silica

This pilot allows your mech do two things a turn, if you don’t move.

Distant Friends Pilots

In order to unlock these three pilots, you need to get the Distant Friends achievement (read how to get Distant Friends here):

  • Ariadne

This special pilot is completely immune to Fire and adds +3 Health to your mech.

  • Kazaaakpleth

Highly offensive pilot with +2 Damage attack, which replaces Repair.

  • Mafan

Although Mafan reduces a mech’s HP to 1, it also gains protective shield every turn.

Cyborg Pilots
  • Kxlatl
  • Taaxetizl
  • Xakran

Cyborgs are pilot/mech hybrids that can be unlocked by completing all achievements and unlocking all other squads.

Best Pilot/Mech Combos in Into the Breach

Squad Selection screen in Into the Breach

Steel Judoka

This squad of mechs will benefit the most from such pilots as: Henry Kwan, Harold Schmidt, Chen Rong, and Archimedes.

Henry Kwan can move into the enemy’s position and attack them first-hand. Harold Schmidt can quickly repair any damage. Chen Rong and Archimedes can save your mechs in a dangerous situation with their additional moves.

Rusting Hulks

Since Rusting Hulks are mainly weather manipulators, they need protection from Smoke to avoid getting caught in their own traps. The best pilot for this squad is obviously Camila Vera since she is the only pilot that provides protection from Smoke.

Zenith Guard

Charge Mech has an excellent ramming ability, but unfortunately, it damages itself in the process. That’s why Abe Isamu will fit perfectly here, as he gives his mechs protection from damage.


This squad uses electric charges and grappling hooks, which means that it will benefit the most from pilots who can move a lot in one turn, such as Chen Rong and Archimedes.

Hopefully, this guide helped you understand how to get the pilot you need for your mech, and for other Into the Breach guides at GameSkinny, please visit the links below:

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