Tips, tricks, and strategies for the most efficient ways to find weapon parts in Into the Dead 2.

Into the Dead 2 Guide: How to Quickly Upgrade and Build Weapons

Tips, tricks, and strategies for the most efficient ways to find weapon parts in Into the Dead 2.
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In Into the Dead 2, your goal is to sprint to the other end of the level while avoiding zombies, using your weapons to defend yourself if anything gets too close. As you progress through the levels, zombies become more and more resilient, requiring you to upgrade your weapons if you hope to stand the same chance that you did before.

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While, sure, you could neglect to upgrade your weapons for a few stages and scrape by alright, you’ll be hurting when you find yourself in a situation where you have no choice but to punch through a zombie hoard. If you follow this guide, though, you’re sure to keep your weapons ahead of the bell curve.

How to Upgrade and Build Weapons in Into the Dead 2

You need to seek out weapon parts if you hope to upgrade your death dealers or build new ones. These parts may seem a little sparse from the get-go, but thankfully, there are multiple ways to go about collecting them if you’re thrifty. You can earn weapon parts by checking the store, collecting stars, completing Daily Challenges, playing Survival Mode, or beating Story Mode levels.

Check the Store for Parts

When you initially boot up the game and complete the first level, you get the chance to open a Weapons Lockbox to earn parts. This isn’t a one-time thing, however, as it turns out that after you open the initial lockbox, you can come back in three days time and watch an ad to get another one for free. Make it a habit to check the store every three days for a free lockbox.

Check the Store How to Upgrade and Build Weapons Into the Dead 2 Guide

Collect Stars for Parts

While completing levels in Story Mode, you’ll earn stars for any mission objectives that you complete. If you earn 10 stars, you receive a free Weapons Lockbox. Since you can earn up to five stars in each level, you could get a new lockbox every two levels that you complete. Just don’t risk your life trying to get all of the stars on your first run; it’s far cheaper on stamina to replay levels for them later.

Complete Daily Challenges for Parts

After beating the first few levels of Story Mode, you unlock the Daily Challenge. This is essentially an endless sprint that tasks you with killing a certain number of zombies to earn different tiers of rewards. You get Silver from a Bronze score, Gold from a Silver score, and weapon parts from a Gold score.

It’s difficult, but if you can manage to get the Gold score, you can earn a decent stash of weapon parts every day. Additionally, the Daily Challenge is the only mode you can play where you don’t have to expend a type of currency, so feel free to retry it as many times as you need to get it right.

Complete the Daily Challenge How to Upgrade and Build Weapons Into the Dead 2 Guide

Play Survival Mode for Parts

After beating a couple of levels in Chapter 2, you unlock Survival Mode. In this mode, you spend a ticket to try your luck at surviving hordes of zombies across multiple levels. Each level gets progressively harder as you go, meaning you’ll need rather strong weapons in order to consistently get far.

Every few levels you receive a Weapons Lockbox with progressively more weapon parts the deeper you dive into Survival Mode. If you die, you have the chance to revive once by spending two tickets — or you could just start over from the beginning for one ticket. If you’re good at dodging zombies, Survival Mode is a major source of weapon parts for you, so make sure to tackle it whenever you have the tickets.

Play Survival Mode How to Upgrade and Build Weapons Into the Dead 2 Guide

Beat Story Mode Levels for Parts

Occasionally, there are weapon parts hiding in reward bags that you get at the end of a level, though I wouldn’t recommend spending any Gold to get them since you get so few parts from these bags.

However, beating the Chapter Finale for the first time will net you a Weapons Lockbox that you can open and earn a lot of parts from. Unfortunately, this is more of a one-time thing, so you can’t farm for these.

And with that, you now know all the best ways to upgrade and build weapons. For more on surviving legions of zombies, be sure to check out our Into the Dead 2 guides.

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