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Is Alan Wake 2 a Direct Sequel? Answered

Wondering if Alan Wake 2 is a direct sequel? Let's talk about it.

It has been over a decade since the psychological thriller Alan Wake released in 2010. However, Remedy Entertainment is now giving us a follow up with Alan Wake 2, set to release in October 2023. The original game had a cult following due to its suspenseful story and unique action-adventure gameplay. Now over 10 years later you may be wondering, is Alan Wake 2 a direct sequel? We’ll be going over the answer in this guide.

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Is Alan Wake 2 A Direct Sequel? Answered

Alan Wake is known for its gripping narrative, atmospheric setting, and a unique gameplay mechanic that centers around manipulating light to combat the creatures from his novels. In the original game you take control of Alan Wake, a successful writer who has a hard case of writer’s block. 

You explore the small town of Bright Falls with his wife Alice in hopes to cure the block. However, the trip takes a dark turn when she disappears and Alan’s writings come to life in a nightmare hellscape. As you explore the town, you’ll encounter mysterious creatures and other supernatural forces while looking for answers. Unsurprisingly, Alan Wake 2 is a direct sequel to the events of the first game, though with a bit of a time gap.

Alan Wake 2 is set 13 years after the events of the first game. Once again you’ll follow Alan in the terrifying Bright Falls alongside the FBI agent, Saga Anderson. There is a string of murders that lead back to a mysterious cult. While the original game was considered an action-adventure thriller, Alan Wake 2 will be straight horror game. 

If you haven’t played the original or want to revisit it, you can pick up the recent remaster on all major consoles and Steam before its sequel Alan Wake 2 releases on October 27, 2023. Look for Alan Wake 2 guides here on GameSkinny after its release.

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