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Is Ark: Survival Ascended on Game Pass? Answered

Will Game Pass subscribers be able to play Ark Survival Ascended on day one?

Game Pass gives you access to a host of games. But that doesn’t mean every new release is available on it. So, is Ark: Survival Ascended on Xbox Game Pass? Let’s go right into it.

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Can You Play Ark: Survival Ascended on Game Pass for Free?

Ark’s History with Game Pass

Even if a game isn’t on Game Pass, it could be added to the service at a later date. Ark: Survival Evolved has been on Game Pass ever since it released on consoles. Now, all its DLC are available on it as well.

As the predecessor of Survival Ascended, it makes it seem likely that this game will end up on Game Pass as well. However, Game Pass doesn’t list it among the games coming soon to the service.

Will Ark Survival Ascended Be on Game Pass at Launch?

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At least on day one, Ark: Survival Ascended won’t be available on Game Pass. This means you’ll need to purchase the game if you want to play it on Xbox. It will, however, have the discounted price at launch that Steam users received. You won’t have to spend the full $40 on it. Otherwise, you could wait for it to arrive on Game Pass. The problem is that there’s no confirmation that it’ll be added in the near future. Despite Survival Evolved having been on Game Pass since its beginning. And Ark 2 coming to Game Pass on day one of its launch.

And while that might not be the answer you wanted, it covers the question of if Ark Survival Ascended is coming to Xbox Game Pass. It seems a bit strange that it won’t be there at launch. Especially given the history of Ark Survival Evolved on it and the confirmation that Ark 2 will be on it at launch. However, it could be a way to increase revenue as we finish up the fiscal year. From here, check out our ASA guide hub for topics like how to turn off clouds and fog or how to fix dinos not spawning.

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