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Is Cities Skylines 2 on Mac? Answered

With the original Cities: Skylines available on Mac, you may be wondering if CS2 is available on the platform.

With the huge success of the original game on Mac, players are wondering whether Cities Skylines 2 will also be available on the platform. So, is CS2 on Mac?

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Can You Play Cities Skylines 2 on Mac?

The long-awaited sequel to one of the best city builder games out there is finally here. With new enhanced visuals and mechanics, the game looks amazing for those with high-end rigs. However, the game does appear to be unoptimized, as many PC players are having all kinds of trouble with flickering, blue screens of death, and the game not even launching.

Colossal Order has ported their games over to Macs in the past. With that in mind, players are expecting this could also be the case here. Unfortunately, Cities Skylines 2 isn’t available on Mac at launch or for the foreseeable future.

While we don’t know the exact reasoning behind this decision, they might include that the game’s system requirements are simply too high. Mac versions of games also usually have drastically lower player bases than on PC. As of yet, Colossal Order hasn’t announced any plans for the game to be ported to this platform. However, the original Cities Skylines is available on Mac, so that can tide you over until any future announcements.

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The Future of Cities Skylines 2 on Mac

I did a little digging, and while there have been no announcements, hopes are high that a Mac version will eventually come. The new Game Porting Tool released by Apple has already showcased the ability to port Windows games to the platform. That said, system requirements will indeed have to be tweaked and optimized in this case.

Furthermore, knowing publisher Paradox Interactive, the aim has always been to make its published games available on almost all platforms. We think it’s only a matter of time before Skylines 2 comes to Mac.

And that answers the question of whether or not Cities Skylines 2 on Mac is a thing or ever will be (at least for now). Until you can get your hands on the game, check out our review of CS2. Lastly, if you don’t have a PC or console, the original will always be available on a Mac.

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