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Is Endless Dungeon Crossplay? Answered

Is Endless Dungeon crossplay compatible? Let's dig into it.

Besides its superbly executed rogue-lite elements, Endless Dungeon is a game that heavily relies on its online co-op aspect which brings up the element of crossplay. So is Endless Dungeon crossplay compatible?

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Is Endless Dungeon Crossplay? Answered

Delving into the many rigors and challenges of Endless Dungeon is much easier with friends. Especially due to voice communication allowing better coordination. This brings up the question of whether you can play with your console friends on a PC and vice versa.

As of yet, Endless Dungeon doesn’t support crossplay between different platforms. This means that on launch, you’ll only be able to play with your PC community. In-line with both consoles’ last-gen compatibility, players on PS5 and PS4 can play together, as can those on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

The lack of crossplay might be disappointing in this day and age, but many developers are still jumping onto that bandwagon. Surely there are hurdles to cross-platform development. That said, crossplay would be a huge boon for the shelf life of the game in the future.

Endless Dungeon Crossplay Update

One of the developers at Amplitude Studios, Daarkarr0w, stated that the studio was aware of the community’s wish for crossplay on launch. However, they weren’t able to shed light on whether this feature will be available in the future.

To be honest, I expect games to come with cross-platform out of the box these days. Crossplay bridges the gap between PC and console communities and allows the player base to thrive. We can only hope that one day an update will come that’ll implement it in Endless Dungeon.

So once again, is Endless Dungeon crossplay? Unfortunately no, but we’ve high hopes for the future. You can find more interesting and useful articles on the game on our Endless Dungeon guides page.

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