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Is For The King 2 Co-Op or Multiplayer? Answered

With the launch of the game players are wondering is For The King 2 co-op or multiplayer.

The original game was a singleplayer experience, but developer IronOak Games have clearly been listening to their playerbase. With co-op all the rage these days (for good reason), you may be wondering whether For the King 2 has co-op or multiplayer.

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For The King 2: Is It Co-op or Multiplayer

Fans of the original and newcomers alike will be happy to hear that For The Kings 2 supports both online and local co-op multiplayer. The game allows you to party up with up to three of your buddies for a total of 4 players local or online. Just note that you’ll need multiple controllers on a PC if you want to play couch co-op.

How to Start For the King 2 Co-op

Starting a co-op session is quite easy but is slightly different depending on local or online play. Essentially, these are the basic steps for all modes of play:

  • Local Co-op: Plug in your controllers and select the appropriate mode in the Campaign menu. Players can join via a simple controller input.
  • Online Co-op: Go into the Multiplayer menu and select “Create Adventure”. You can now share your “Online Invite Code” with your friends and have them join the party.
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It’s also possible to have your friends join your session via right-clicking their name on your Steam friend list and inviting them that way. Either way, the entire storyline is able to be experienced together with your companions and the game is indeed designed for this style of play.

We hope this guide on For The King 2 co-op and multiplayer has been useful. The game does currently have some bugs and glitches for online play but hopefully IronOak Games is working on post-launch patches to fix things up as best as they can. For more For The King 2 guides, check out our guides page for the game here.

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