Is Gwent Cross Platform? Crossplay and Cross Progression Explained

While Gwent cross platform play is available between console and PC, it is more limited in other directions, and cross progression is only available in one combination.

While Gwent cross platform play is available between console and PC, it is more limited in other directions, and cross progression is only available in one combination.
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With so many different places to play CCGs these days, whether a game is actually crossplatform can make or break any player’s decision to jump in. With the recent release of Gwent on iOS, many players are wondering if it’s crossplatform or if it features crossplay. 

The answer is both a resounding yes… and a partial no. It depends on what you are really asking about crossplay in The Witcher card game’s redesigned standalone version.

Is Gwent Crossplay?

Crossplay matchmaking between any platform and PC is already enabled when you join a game in Gwent. You don’t have to do anything special to utilize it.

That means whether you are playing on Xbox One, PS4, or the recently released iOS version, you can hook up in a match with someone playing Gwent on PC via GOG.

Unfortunately, there isn’t currently crossplatform play enabled between Xbox One and PS4 players, as Sony and Microsoft aren’t ready to play that nice with one another quite yet.

That’s all for randomized multiplayer matches, though. Direct matches with someone on your friends list can only take place on the same platform. You can’t actively choose to play against a friend on Xbox One if you are playing on PC through GOG, for instance.

Does Gwent Have Cross Progression?

But what about sharing progression between platforms if you like to play Gwent in more than one location?

At the moment, cross progression is only possible between the iOS mobile version and the PC version by signing in with your GOG account. The developers are aware players want more options, though, and the Gwent Reddit community manager recently issued this update:

We know that you want to share progress and purchases on your account on multiple gaming platforms. We want to see this true cross-platform experience coming to Gwent, too! However, while we’re already fully supporting matchmaking between PC and other platforms, support of shared progress and purchases isn’t entirely within our control. We are very happy that it was possible to be achieved between iOS and PC out of the box, but other platforms are a more complicated matter due to the different policies that govern them.

We promise that we are not giving up on the subject of connecting all Gwent players together and enabling unified cross-progression and purchases. We will continue our ongoing conversations with platform-holders to enable Gwent players to easily switch platforms on the go without losing anything.

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