Is My Hero Ultra Rumble Playable on PS5? Answered

Wondering if My Hero Ultra Rumble is playable on PS5? Here's the answer.

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My Hero Ultra Rumble launched on September 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. The free-to-play battle royale lets you join up with a squad of three to take down eight different teams in a full-on 24-player fight to be the last ones standing. But if your shelves are lined with current-gen consoles, you might be wondering if My Hero Ultra Rumble is playable on PS5. Here’s the answer. 

Is My Hero Ultra Rumble Playable on PS5? Answered

Let’s get straight to it: yes, My Hero Ultra Rumble is playable on PS5! Although the PS4 version of MHUR is available on PS5, that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear for errors. So always make sure to update your console to the latest version of the system software to have the best experience. There’s also a chance that you might run into network errors. Since it’s an online-only multiplayer game, you’ll need to ensure that your console has a stable internet connection. 

I’m always disappointed when backwards compatibility isn’t an option, so I’m glad that PlayStation has listened to its playerbase and prioritized backwards compatibility among its host of features. In fact, the majority of PS4 games are available on the PS5, so it’s not surprising that MHUR is one of the first games you see in the PlayStation Store. 

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Where Can You Play My Hero Ultra Rumble?

Here’s the list of platforms where you can play My Hero Ultra Rumble:

  • PS4 and PS5
  • Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PC via Steam

Simply put, MHUR is available on plenty of platforms! You certainly have your pick when it comes to your preferred gaming experience.

That answers the question: Is My Hero Ultra Rumble playable on PS5? This is good news for PS5 owners, and better yet, the game is free to play! All you need to do is start the download. Then, you can officially jump into Bandai Namco’s exciting rendition of the My Hero Academia universe. For more, check out our MHUR guides hub.

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