Is Outlast 2 Multiplayer? Answered

Outlast 2 is an amazing horror experience, but does it have multiplayer?

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Outlast 2 is one of the scariest games of all time and also one of the more unique takes on the horror genre. With just your wits to survive, you’re plunged into a terrifying world and must find out what’s going on while dodging all manners of horrors along the way. However, one of the more burning mysteries is if you can play with others. So, is Outlast 2 multiplayer?

Is Outlast 2 Multiplayer? Answered

Outlast 2 is a strictly single-player affair. Unlike The Outlast Trials, this horror classic isn’t available with multiplayer. The way the game is crafted makes sense for single-player to be the only option here, but it’s still disappointing, considering how great The Outlast Trials has been.

As we advance with the franchise, the direction should definitely be a co-op approach, as the cohesiveness that The Outlast Trials provides is engaging and fun in a way that’s opened up the franchise to more players than ever. The popularity of The Outlast Trials has caused fans to go back through the series’ history to see where it all began. Unfortunately for them, they’ll have to deal with the horrors of this world alone, though you can still trade the controller back and forth if one of you needs a break from the consistent scares.

There are currently no plans to go back and add multiplayer to the previous games, so fans of Outlast will have to wait until the next title, where Red Barrels will hopefully pull the trigger there.

That answers the question: Is Outlast 2 multiplayer? As one of the best horror franchises around, we’re thrilled that it’s taken on new life lately and are hopeful the next entry in the series will be the best yet. For more on Outlast 2, check out our guides section.

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