Is Palworld on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass? Answered

Will Palworld be available on Xbox and PC Game Pass? Learn more here.

Clearing Pals with a grenade launcher.
Image via Pocketpair Games.
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Releasing in Early Acces on Xbox One, Series X|S, and PC, Palworld is a multiplayer game where we catch different creatures, build magnificent bases, and battle villainous poachers. Since it’s heading to Xbox, will Palworld be on Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass? Here’s what we know.

Will Palworld be on Xbox and PC Game Pass at Launch?

The English X (formerly Twitter) account for Palworld has confirmed with a resounding yes: Palworld will be available as a Day One release on Xbox and PC Game Pass.

Developer Pocketpair echoed this answer when they released the game’s official FAQ on Steam. Those who want to try out “Pokemon with guns” can give it a whirl — as long as they’re Game Pass subscribers. Additionally, you’ll be able to play with your friends who also use the service.

Palworld Gameplay Details: What Can We Expect for Pokemon With Guns on Game Pass?

While Palworld is similar to Pokemon, there are some key differences between the games. Not only are we able to equip our Pals with firearms and incendiary devices, but we’re also able to assign them various tasks.

This can include gun manufacturing, help building your house, and farming. With 100 different Pals to catch, tame, and breed, there’s plenty to keep us occupied.

Combat against a boss Pal.
Image via Pocketpair Games.

That doesn’t even cover the villains of the game, poachers looking to harm Pals for profit. There are a variety of bosses, such as the magma juggernaut Reptyro, you can face off against, as well. Defend your base, as well as local Pals and people, to become a mighty hero.

We’re pretty excited that Palworld will be available immediately during the EA release on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. Personally, I can’t wait to create the greatest wool farm around. If you’re looking for more details on EA, Palworld crossplay, or what the minimum requirements to run it are, head right on over here and check out our guides vault.

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