Is Skull and Bones PvP?

Find out how to play PvP in Skull and Bones here.

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Skull and Bones is a brand new game from Ubisoft that takes place during the Golden Age of Piracy, so there’s plenty of mischief to get up to. However, the question remains: Is Skull and Bones PvP? Find out here.

Does Skull and Bones Have PvP?

When I started Skull and Bones, I was welcomed by a naval combat sequence against the British Navy. The tutorial sequence kept me on my toes, wondering when I’d get to see any PvP action. Long story short, Skull and Bones is PvP through specific contracts or world events.

How to Play PvP in Skull and Bones

Once you complete the tutorial, you’ll enter a multiplayer server. You can see other players’ ships in the big blue sea, but you can’t damage them. So, there isn’t PvP in the open world, and there are no PvP dedicated servers. Instead, you have to rely on the events and contracts.

PvP contracts randomly spawn on your world map, so be on the lookout. There are three world events: Hostile Takeover, Cutthroat Cargo Hunt, and Helm Wager. You simply have to find a contract or join an event from your map. Notably, all PvP combat will take place on your ship. So, there won’t be any combat on land.

Skull and bones cutthroat conquest cargo hunt map.
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Within the first hour of the game, I had the option to join a Cutthroat Cargo Hunt. It appeared in the northeast corner of my map in the East Indies, and the reward was a Legendary Treasure Map. So, rest assured, there will be plenty of opportunities to prove yourself as a pirate against other players.

Can You Disable PvP in Skull and Bones?

PvP is automatically enabled in Skull and Bones, and you can’t disable it. While this choice by Ubisoft might surprise many players, the small-scale PvP makes the game more welcoming to the casual player who isn’t quite sure if the pirate life is for them. Plus, randomly spawned events make the game all that more adventurous.

That answers if Skull and Bones has PvP gameplay. For more tips about surviving pirate-life, check out our growing guides hub for topics like how to save and how to harvest Acacia Wood. Stay tuned with us for all the game has to offer for its upcoming release.

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