Is the Gargamel Minecraft seed everyone’s favorite of all time?

Five years and six versions of Minecraft later, one of the first popular seeds still holds memories and surprises.

Five years and six versions of Minecraft later, one of the first popular seeds still holds memories and surprises.

The popularity of Minecraft can be attributed to the vast variety of activities players can do, as well as its short learning curve. It could be considered the ultimate sandbox game. The places to explore and things to create are so diverse that players can find something new, locate hidden places, or build unique structures every single time they jump into the game.

But, sometimes revisiting a familiar place can also be a great experience. One of the most well-known and frequently explored seeds in Minecraft is Gargamel.

Making its debut around the release of 1.3 Beta, it was one of the single most popular seeds. Indeed, it seems like almost every long-time player tried it at least once, and countless servers hosted it. 

If you run a Google search for ‘Top Minecraft seeds’ or ‘Best Minecraft seeds’ you will find it listed time and time again, and players posting new epic seeds almost always compare them to this classic, saying “This is the next Gargamel!” or “It’s the Gargamel of 1.8!”

Player Memories

A familiar seed is like coming home to your favorite chair, revisiting the first baseball stadium you ever went to, or going back to complete that unfinished art project. For many players, seeds like Gargamel were part of being introduced to Minecraft and exploring the many facets of what was possible. It’s little wonder why it became a household name. 

Here are just a few user comments about Gargamel:

“This is a fantastic seed. Beautiful landscape, lots of great building spots. I’m currently working on a cabin wedged in a crack in the cliffs.”

— Munchy365 (

“Gargamel is an old world seed that spawned you into one of the most incredible worlds you could get out of Minecraft. A huge valley with lots of overhangs, caves everywhere, great places to build whatever you want.”

redfirebricks (Minecraft Reddit)

“We used Gargamel as our server’s map for a long time. I had started a city around the lake near (the) spawn, and it grew to be the biggest city in the server’s history thus far. Awesome map.”

Skwink (Minecraft Reddit)

As Minecraft versions changed, seeds and spawns also changed. Old seeds disappeared or were altered, and new ones were created. Some made their indelible mark in player’s imaginations — like Glacier, the 404 challenge, Kitchen, and Gargamel.

And right from the start, you knew Gargamel would be something different.

Alone in the Dark

Gargamel puts you into a deep, very dark cave. Underground spawns are kind of rare, so that alone is something that longtime players remember about visiting for the first time.

The experience can be disorienting — but if you kept looking up, you could find the pathway out, even though it might get a little aggravating.

Epic Views

Extracting yourself from the cavern has been described by some players as a cinematic experience. You emerge from the dark into a realm of towering, majestic peaks.

Staggering cliffs, water falls, and lush valleys await, but, there was little time to waste. You had to set up camp before nightfall and ward off any baddies.

Gargamel was all about nature — formed arches, waterfalls, and mixed biomes like extreme hills, various types of forests, tundra, etc. There seemed to be and endless number of scenic vistas to get lost in.

Discoveries List

Over the years, players explored just about every inch of Gargamel and many posted their finds on various sites, Youtube videos and forums.

While the most recent versions of Minecraft no longer support Gargamel, it is still possible to run previous releases and you can download a map generated from the seed at the Map link at the bottom of the article.

Here’s some example locations you can try to find:

Discovery Coordinates Found By User
Cave System x: 186.5
y: 65.6
z: -85.3
Epic Tundra X: -1166
Z: -2828
Floating mountain range x: 68
y: 73
z: 636
Lone pumpkin by a lava lake X: -34
Y: 70
Z: 46
Reeds: X: -171
Y: 65
Z: -17
Zombie dungeon X: -78
Y: 48
Z: 0
Diamonds X: 110.3
Y: 12.6
Z: 26.3
Motherlode of ores (iron, gold, diamond and redstone) x: 189
y: 23
z: -64
Zombie dungeon X: -62
Y: 28
Z: -143
Spider Spawner Dungeon X: -94
Y: 59
Z: -20
Motherlode of ores (lapis, gold, coal, diamond, red, iron) x: 245
y: 12
z: 473

This Map is based on the original seed and gives you a chance to plot some places before diving in.

Many thanks to players at the Minecraft Forum, Planet Minecraft and Minecraft Seeds for their posts, comments and insight.

Any memories from playing Gargamel you want to share? What did you like about it? Anything you didn’t care for? Tell us about your experiences and what seed you think is the new Gargamel.

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