Wondering how that mad man Di Ravello managed to seize power? Find out by picking up all the audio tapes across Medici.

Just Cause 3 Di Ravello audio tapes location guide for Insula Dracon

Wondering how that mad man Di Ravello managed to seize power? Find out by picking up all the audio tapes across Medici.

Need a new attack helicopter to replace your broken down old model? You’ll unlock a shiny new golden Urga Mstitel when you find all the audio tapes chronicling dictator Di Ravello’s rise to power in Just Cause 3. Spread out across Medici, each of the game’s major areas has a host of audio tapes in various provinces, so you’re in for quite a trek to collect them all.

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Unlike the rebel shrines, ancient tombs, or stunt jump locations, quite a few of the audio tapes are actually directly inside major settlements, though, so you won’t have to go hunting on cliff tops or in forests to find them. Here’s how to quickly grab all 12 tapes found throughout Insula Dracon.

Province: Capite West

Audio Tape 1

Coordinates: N 40 42.919 E 5 35.197

This is a nice and easy one to kick off the Insula Dracon search! Head to Arco Sperantia and run up to the columned brick building flying the Medici flag. The first tape is sitting behind the second column when you walk up the steps.

Insula Dracon Audio Tape 1

Province: Massos

Audio Tape 2

Coordinates: N 40 42.180 E 5 37.558

Inside Cinta, you’ll find a destroyed section of wall with some scaffolding that’s positioned next to a skinny white building. Use your tether to head up the scaffolding and find the audio tape at the end of the alleyway, lying in a bunch of garbage.

Insula Dracon Audio Tape 2

Audio Tape 3

Coordinates: N 40 43.381 E 5 37.052

Travel over to Soliana and look for the area covered in broken down car parts right next to the road. The tape is sitting on a broken piece of concrete next to a rusted car.

Insula Dracon Audio Tape 3

Province: Petra

Audio Tape 4

Coordinates: N 40 41. 838 E 5 36.973

In Sancte, Cintia sits a red-roofed compound on a small hill and next to a field of purple flowers. Hop over the wall to find this audio tape sitting next to the wall and near some metal barrels.

Insula Dracon Audio Tape 4

Audio Tape 5

Coordinates: N 40 41.799 E 5 36.470

This tape is actually on the top of a ruined white tower on the outskirts of Olivo Moro. You’ll have to use your grappling hook or the wingsuit to reach the tape.

Insula Dracon Audio Tape 5

Province: Capite Est

Audio Tape 6

Coordinates: N 40 43.602 E 5 35.835

In the crowded little burg of Vinialetta, look for the central square with the empty fountain. Across from the fountain is a building with several columns where you’ll find the tape sitting in a bunch of trash.

Insula Dracon Audio Tape 6

Audio Tape 7

Coordinates: N 40 44.250 E 5 35.493

At the port town of Vico Thunno, head into the large ruined structure to find the tape near the stairway and a standing lamp.

Insula Dracon Audio Tape 7

Audio Tape 8

Coordinates: N 40 44.134 E 5 36.800

In Vico Spigola, look for a yellow building next to an archway. The audio tape is hidden in the trash in the alley just off to the side of the building.

Insula Dracon Audio Tape 8

Province: Trio

We’re nearly done with Insula Dracon’s selection of fine listening material as the final four tapes are all found in Trio province.

Audio Tape 9

Coordinates: N 40 41.870 E 5 35.783

In Vico Maquerello, look for the short line of buildings near the road and head around to the backside. The tape is sitting next to a bench behind the red building.

Insula Dracon Audio Tape 9

Audio Tape 10

Coordinates: N 40 41.761 E 5 35.132

On the docks of Vico Gambra you can find this audio tape near the water, sitting between two docked boats.

Insula Dracon Audio Tape 10

Audio Tape 11

Coordinates: N 40 41.933 E 5 35.032

This Di Ravello audio tape is found in Ponere underneath the metal scaffolding and across from the stone church building.

Insula Dracon Audio Tape 11

Audio Tape 12

Coordinates: N 40 42.692 E 5 35.064

In Vico Platessa, use your tether to quickly jump to the top of the blue and white striped lighthouse. The tape is on the edge of the observation deck looking out towards the water.

Insula Dracon Audio Tape 12

That’s it – you’ve found all 12 tapes in Insula Dracon, but there’s still more to be found in the other two major areas of Just Cause 3. Stay tuned for our guides on those locations so you can nab all the tapes and unlock the Diary Of The Madman achievement.

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