Katy Perry Pop: 10 General tips and tricks

General tips and tricks for players of the new adventure mobile game-- Katy Perry Pop.

General tips and tricks for players of the new adventure mobile game-- Katy Perry Pop.

For everyone who’s dream was once to be a pop star, Katy Perry’s new mobile game, Katy Perry Pop, is letting you live that reality. 

Much like the recent Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game, Katy Perry becomes your mentor in your rise to normally unattainable pop star fame. 

Travel through different cities around the world completing quests from your to-do list, networking with other stars, and building your fan base. There are some things to keep in mind before starting the game, however, to make sure you’re using your time and in-game resources wisely.

1. Get Inspired and Stay Inspired

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At the beginning of the game, you’ll notice that one of the first concepts you’re introduced to is inspiration. 

The more “inspired” you are the better your concerts, songs, and music videos will be and the more you’ll get out of them. This makes climbing the totem pole easier and faster so it’s worth the extra few seconds to grab food or drink from a club or bar. 

Your inspiration bar is the lightbulb on the right side of the screen, and you can gain inspiration by picking up all the random icons laying around and completing quests.

2. Make Sure You Dress Well

katy perry pop guide outfits tips tricks cheats

To change your style all you have to do is open your phone and go to the closet. 

Although the ins and out of which clothes you should and shouldn’t wear are kept a secret, it is true that some clothes give you a better bonus than others. For example, when you’re in the recording studio comfortable clothes will increase your stats and costumes are better for performances. 

As long as you pay attention you’ll notice trends in what works and what doesn’t. One thing to keep in mind is to save the pink Katy gems for charming people rather than to buy clothes. 

3. Network As Much As Possible

As true as it is in real life, networking in Katy Perry Pop is just as important. The more friends you have the better off you’ll be because you can call in as many favors as you’ll need.

Literally talk to everyone that you see, especially as you gain popularity, because you’ll never know who you’ll meet or need in the future.

4. Stay On Top of Your Energy Bar

At the top of the screen, you’ll see your energy bar that will slowly be drained depending on which quests you’re completing.

If you want to complete a quest that requires energy, it’s absolutely crucial that you only do one at a time. By taking on multiple, timed quests at the same time there’s a high chance you won’t be able to finish them all, thus wasting energy that you could have used wisely.

As long as you don’t plan on spending real money to buy energy, this point is one of the most important to maximizing your time in-game.

5. Keep Following the Quests

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This may seem redundant, but if you’re wandering around by yourself doing your own thing you won’t be gaining anything compared to what you’d get by completing quests.

Just like if you were level-grinding minions in World of Warcraft instead of following the quest line, moving through the game is infinitely faster than trying to do it on your own. 

In short, using your To-Do List will benefit you greatly.

6. Use the Katy Vision

katy perry pop guide tips tricks cheats katy vision

In the beginning of the game Katy gives you a pair of glasses because, apparently, “artists see the world a different way.” 

Apparently that means if you’re a pop star the entire world is essentially a gingerbread house; but nevertheless, some quests require you to put them on.

Keep this in mind if you’re ever stuck and not sure how to proceed because the glasses are probably the answer.

7. Make Each Recording Session Count

katy perry pop recording songs guide tips tricks cheats

Although you probably realized this already, your recording sessions will produce better results depending on a few different factors. 

To get the best rewards for each session, make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes and upgrading your studio and instruments. 

You can also increase your score by improving your surroundings and playing with the same people over and over. You also have a limited amount of time per session so try and grab all the icons you can see on the screen– don’t forget to scroll left and right!

8. Make the Best Music Videos

katy perry pop music video guide tips tricks cheats

In order to record a music video, you’ll first have to record a song. Not only that, but it has to score high on the charts and be very high quality.

To accomplish this, you’ll need a 5-star rating, which you can achieve by playing with the skilled, experienced band members your character is comfortable with, changing clothes, filling your inspiration bar, buying the best equipment, and gaining experience. 

If you’re doing everything right but still aren’t quite making it to 5 stars, just work on quests until you’ve gained some more experience and then try again a little later.

9. Connect Your Facebook

When you create your pop star, you’ll have the option to connect your profile to your Facebook account.

For those willing and able, connecting your Facebook account is the perfect way to network even faster than any other way in the game.

You can add your Facebook friends in-game and use each other to boost your careers. This means you’ll have even more powerful friends than the in-game characters because your Facebook friends can level up and the NPCs can’t. The more Facebook friends, the better!

10. Watch for Updates

A few major promises haven’t been released quite yet and once they are the game will be taken in a few different directions.

For example, once the dating feature becomes unlocked you’ll be seeing a whole new dynamic to the game you know. Stay in the loop so you’re ready when the updates are about to hit.

Instead of waiting until you see the update on your phone, read about it beforehand so you don’t waste time going into it blind.

Get Out There and Become a Pop Star!

Now you’re ready to rise to stardom faster than Kanye will jump up to steal your newly acquired mic.

As long as you’re following these tips you’ll find the game to be much easier and getting the most out of the game is a breeze when you’re prepared.

If you’re looking for where to find the Katy Perry Pop app, download the game for Apple in the Apple Store here or for Android in the Google Play store here

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