Keplerth: How to Level Pets

How to level your pets in Keplerth and make them the best they can be.

How to level your pets in Keplerth and make them the best they can be.
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You’ll want to keep your pets leveled in Keplerth so they can continue to be relevant in combat and so they can improve their movement speed. Unlike replicas, who have no level and are instead reliant on their genes and equipment, pets are entirely reliant on their level and don’t have the benefit of gear improvements.

Leveling pets does not grant them new abilities. Some pets have special abilities, which you can check under ‘Manage’ and then ‘Information’. Normal monsters tend not to have much impressive in terms of skills, but unique pets and monsters can have some effective combat skills you’ll want to have on your side.

How to Level Up Pets in Keplerth

First right-click on a pet and then choose ‘Manage’, and then ‘Raise Level’.

You’ll see that to go from level one to two, you need a Targeted Gene Editing Agent 1-2. You’ll find you need Targeted Gene Editing Agent 2-3 after, and that trend continues up to level six.

You need monster racial workstations to craft Targeted Gene Editing Agents. For each level, you need a higher tier of bench. The Goblin Workbench allows you to craft the first, the Fusion Pool for the second, the Grounder Workbench for the third, and so on. These are unlocked by slaying their respective bosses and unlocking them in Schip’s Lab.

The materials for these always entail something unique to the biome the monster races are found in underground, and tend not to be terribly difficult to get. You’ll want to keep your pets up to level with your current tech level so they stay relevant.

That’s all you need to know about leveling pets in Keplerth, a process more worthwhile than the effort it takes to do. Check out our other Keplerth guides here on GameSkinny.

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