Keplerth: How to Make a Replica

Here's how to make a replica just to your liking in Keplerth.

Here's how to make a replica just to your liking in Keplerth.

The tutorial missions in Keplerth tell you to make a replica rather early on, but just how to do that isn’t entirely obvious. Having your very own replica sounds pretty cool, but you’ve got to put some effort forth to get one.

Replicas act as followers who can and will fight, and they require equipment to be effective. They’re worth it, though, and are imperative to survival later in the game thanks to the extra damage output or tanking ability, depending on how you build them.

In this guide we’re going to go over how to make your own replica in Keplerth, as well as the general effects of the different types of genes you can use to make one.

How to Make a Replica in Keplerth

To get an idea of what you’re going to need to do, head to Schip’s Lab via any teleporter. Schip sells some useful items and has two notable stations: one to unlock racial workbenches, and the other to create replicas.

The replicator gives you three racial options to choose from, each with its own gene board and multipliers. A multiplier tile will affect the gene you place on it, so you’ll want to carefully consider which genes you place on multiplier tiles.

The more positive multipliers, the better — and you want to avoid boards with a 0.5x tile generally.

You have 24 minutes from the time you open the board to create a replica, before the listings reset. You may want to wait for this if none of the replicas have particularly tantalizing multipliers or if they all have a 0.5x, but chances are you’ll be making at least a couple replicas during your time with Keplerth. Your first one will be the weakest of them, unless you are just now making your first with all tech levels unlocked.

How to Get Gene Modules

You’re going to need several gene modules to make a replica, but the game doesn’t exactly tell you how to get them.

When you go into towns or small settlements, you may see NPCs looking for items to trade. NPCs always want to trade for gene modules, and the level of gene module box they offer depends on the level of tech your base as achieved.

If your highest ore is iron, NPCs will mostly be looking for crafted items of that tier as well as giving relative-level gene module boxes. The same applies all the way up — you can see in the above image that NPCs in my world are primarily looking for gold crafted items.

Food is another trading option, many NPCs are looking to trade for food. You can either make it yourself or buy it from food vendors. If you are intending to massively farm for gene modules, you’ll want to make the food yourself so you can bounce from one trade center to the next with stacks for easy trade.

You may not want to trade with everyone looking to do so, though. You may not want every gene module type, depending on how you want to build your replica.

There are eight types of gene modules, each one focusing on different stats. You’ll want to avoid wasting the resources on trades that grant modules you don’t want too many of, since getting tradable items together can be troublesome in itself.

Below are the primary attributes each type of gene module affects, but some tend to offer two separate attribute improvements rather than just one.

  • Protector gene modules primarily offer Ion Skin improvements.
  • Iron Man gene modules primarily offer Defense improvements.
  • Ghost gene modules primarily offer Evasion improvements.
  • Shooter gene modules primarily offer Ranged Attack Damage improvements.
  • Gambler gene modules primarily offer Crit. Damage Chance and Crit. Damage Bonus improvements.
  • Thug gene modules primarily offer Melee Attack Damage improvements.
  • Host gene modules primarily offer Reflection improvements.
  • Assistant gene modules primarily offer Attack Speed improvements.

Right-click on a Replica Gene Module Box to open it and receive the genes modules. You can see which ones you have via the Replica Gene Module tab on the right of the screen. You’ll need quite a few to make a replica.

Luckily the raw materials you need to make a replica are easy enough to obtain. You’ll always need a handful of Monster Meat, Bone, Monster Skin, and Wool alongside a pile of gene modules to make one.

With that all done, you’ll have your very own replica to send into combat. You have a diverse array of build options through the gene modules, but you can only have one follow you around at a time. Additionally, you can still have a pet to mount and a pet to follow alongside the replica.

There’s lots more to uncover and learn to make the most of your time in Keplerth. Take a gander at our growing listing of Keplerth guides.

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