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Achievement hunting? Here's what to do if you you're looking for every single piece of Dosh!

Killing Floor 2 Guide: How to find all Dosh locations (including Evacuation Point and Catacombs)

Achievement hunting? Here's what to do if you you're looking for every single piece of Dosh!
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

Before we got hit with Demo and Firebug in the latest beta patch, the Tripwire Interactive devs gave us the Manor map and four extra achievements (that weren’t just map completions) – Dosh Collecting!

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Since the latest patch, these little bling necklaces can be found literally anywhere on (and sometimes a little ways off!) each map, including the brand new Evacuation Point and Catacombs. Quite a few of them are hidden in some fiendishly tricky locations.

There are 30 Dosh necklaces in each of the maps that you will need to destroy in order to get the following Steam achievements:

  • Paris Plunder (Burning Paris)
  • Outpost Offerings (Outpost)
  • Biotics Bling (Biotics Lab)
  • Manor Money (Volter Manor)
  • Point Paper (Evacuation Point)
  • Catacombs Cash (Catacombs)

(Note: If you’ve updated your game and are wondering why you can’t see the new maps and/or don’t have Demolitions Expert or Firebug as playable classes, keep in mind that this content was released in beta.

Right-click the game in your Steam library > Properties > Betas > Opt into the beta.)

Interested in getting them all yourself? Awesome. Feel our pain. Pick a Cyst buddy. You’re going to get to know ’em very, very well.

(If you have no interest in finding these yourself and just want the answers, scroll down to the bottom!)

1. Make sure your team is in on it. 

Hunting up Dosh is like collecting Gnomes in KF1 – it’s a team effort. You’d be surprised how many PUG groups are perfectly okay with taking a time out just to help you nab an achievement – you just need to ask. Chances are (especially right now) there’s at least one of them who hasn’t gotten the achievement yet – even if they never pick up a single piece themselves, they’ll still get the achievement just for being there.

Besides, if you’re preoccupied hunting up Dosh, you’re not helping the team. It’s only polite to let them know.

Of course, you can always skip this by going it alone in single-player, but it can often be much more time-consuming, plus you have to be the one babysitting your chosen Cyst buddy which definitely hampers you when you’re on the lookout for the necklaces behind half-open doors in a morgue or hanging from a tower off-map. (Hint, hint!)

If you’re having trouble finding a group, check out the Steam forums. There are a number of threads with people setting up groups to get these done. 

2. I was not kidding about the Cyst buddy.

While it’s certainly possible to hunt up all of these pieces during and in between waves in a regular game of play… unless you’re by yourself, it’s also unlikely. Even with your team helping you out, this will be a time-consuming process as everyone checks and then re-checks the likeliest suspects about six times.

Clear out the wave and keep one Cyst alive so that the trader doesn’t start the countdown before you start really hunting. You can string on this zombie buddy indefinitely until every piece is found.

I say Cyst because they’re the easiest – they do the least amount of damage, are the easiest to get away from without harming them, don’t do any projectile vomiting that messes with your vision, etc. You can do this with any other Zed honestly, but just be practical about it. Husks and Sirens don’t make good friends. 

3. Do your Dosh hunting on Beginner or Normal Difficulty. 

Not only because people who play Hard+ go HAM and don’t care about your achievies (you’ll find people like that in any PUG, in any difficulty), but because it cuts down on at least one of your members from being able to really help you out.

Zeds in the higher difficulties are fast, and whoever’s babysitting your last Zed will be out-and-out sprinting to keep ahead of them if they start running, and their class may not necessarily have any of the big movement speed boosts. No time to stop and shoot the big Ds then. 

If your team wants to be badass and do it, all the more power to you. KF2 gameplay is repetitive enough that sometimes you have to make up your own fun. However, higher difficulties are unnecessary for Dosh achievements.

3. Dosh pieces are pretty spread out. 

This is not to say that you’re looking at 1-2 pieces of Dosh per room, but rather that they won’t be directly beside each other. If you found one piece in an open locker, you don’t need to go peeking through all the other locker compartments for more.

Depending on the area, you’re looking at 1-2 per small room (e.g. Outpost cafeteria), 4-6 in the larger areas (e.g. starting area in Paris).

4. Think like a jerk.

Honestly. Some of the pieces are hidden in some really tricky places, so it really does help to ask yourself: if you were a TWI dev where would you hide something if you’re really trying to be sneaky?

Check out badly-lit areas that you can’t quite walk up to – and then be careful with your flashlight since Dosh can get lost in the glare. Look through broken windows. Check out any structures that pop up just a little off the map. If a door is slightly ajar, or there’s a floor tile that’s popped up just a little, examine what’s inside or underneath.

Tripwire also has a sense of humor. They’ll make you hunt through the gorey bits too. Check the sinks!

5. Breakable objects are client-side and don’t hide Dosh. 

This probably doesn’t seem important, but it is. A lot of the stuff is breakable in Killing Floor 2, and that means a lot of random stuff can be broken and go flying off in random directions.

But while you may see all of this, your friends playing with you won’t necessarily. And this may save you a great deal of frustration because stuff that you can break or knock down or move won’t have anything hidden underneath or behind it. 

Accessing all of the hidden Dosh necklaces won’t require you to break anything. So, if you were thinking that there’d be a Dosh piece hiding behind one of the many (many) paintings hanging around the Volter Manor… trust me, there isn’t. Take it from someone who’s shot them all a la Golden Skulltula hunting in Majora’s Mask

You should also keep in mind when getting trigger-happy on breakable objects: broken bits may fall down or ragdoll away to obscure your view of what you’re actually looking for.


Dosh Locations

If you’re still stumped or simply didn’t want to bother looking for these on your own, you can find the locations of all of them in the following videos. 

Please note that while I’ve done my fair share of hunting down these sneaky little necklaces, these video guides were not created by me. YouTuber Jason Lee is just a badass and doesn’t need any of the above tips.

Burning Paris Dosh Locations

Outpost Dosh Locations

Biotics Lab Dosh Locations

Volter Manor Dosh Locations

Evacuation Point Dosh Locations

Catacombs Dosh Locations

Have any other questions? Feel free to ask!

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