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Killing Floor 2 Perk Tier List — Best Perks Ranked

Find out which perks are the best using our tier list guide for Killing Floor 2.

There are 10 perks in Killing Floor 2, with various roles, weapons, and objectives. But some perks offer much more fun gameplay than others. That’s why I compiled this tier list of the best perks in Killing Floor 2, including their strengths and weaknesses, as well as which ZEDs they’re most effective against.

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Best Perks Tier List for Killing Floor 2

S-Tier Perks

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  • Best vs.: Alpha Clot, Slasher, Crawler, Stalker, Gorefast

Players with the Commando perk will always stay in the front of the line, defending those behind and driving the ZEDs away. Commandos carry lots of firearms and are never out of ammo, using such weapons as the AR-15 Varmint Rifle. This weapon allows you to quickly and effectively deal with large quantities of ZEDs, and when it comes to bigger targets, you can always throw a hand grenade. That’s why it’s the best and most brutal in terms of damage perk in the game.


  • Best vs.: Alpha Clot, Slasher, Crawler, Stalker, Gorefast

This is another perk that can effectively deal with large groups of ZEDs using flamethrowers, such as Caulk n Burn. But its most effective weapon, especially against ZEDs with metal in their bodies, is the Microwave Gun, which can obliterate them in seconds. This makes Firebug perk the best when it comes to crowd control, but of course, it’s important for the rest of the team to protect it.


  • Best vs.: Scrake, Fleshpound

If you like the idea of dealing with large amounts of ZEDs but don’t want to stand in front of the line, as is the case with the Commando and Firebug, then the best alternative would be the Demolitionist perk. Place it in the back row and watch it throw sticks of dynamite and use RPG missiles, turning all the ZEDs in front into ashes. The only drawback to this perk is that explosive weapons can damage the player if not careful.

A-Tier Perks

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  • Best vs.: Siren, Husk, Scrake, Fleshpound

Once your front and back lines are covered, you need someone to take care of the midline, and that’s where Gunslinger shines. They’re not as accurate as other perks I listed above, and their reload times can be on the slower side, especially when using dual pistols. But other than that, it can really push those ZEDs away with its high fire rate and damage output.


  • Best vs.: Depends on the random weapon drop.

If you really don’t know which perk to choose, then choose Survivalist. It really is the jack of all trades, being able to fill the gap in any team. If you like certain weapons or other perks, you can easily combine them with the Survivalist. But I must warn you that it’s not very good with the Firebug’s weapons since they rely specifically on the Firebug’s stats.


  • Best vs.: Stalker, Siren, Scrake, Fleshpound

Speaking of protecting other perks in the line, the Berserker was made for this kind of job. It can strike ZEDs with either melee weapons, firearms, or even EMP grenades that can easily disorient even the biggest ones. Obviously, this requires you to get straight into the action and directly approach the ZEDs. In this case, I recommend mastering parrying as well as you can, or you’ll get easily overwhelmed.

B-Tier Perks

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  • Best vs.: Gorefast, Siren, Husk

Now let’s take a look at some of the more specialized and utalitarian perks in the game. The Support perk specializes in welding, which makes it a good choice for blocking hallways and doors. But they also have some cool weapons, such as automatic and pump-action shotguns. Unfortunately, although strong in damage, these weapons are slow both in fire rate and reload times.

Field Medic

  • Best vs.: Alpha Clot, Slasher, Crawler, Stalker

The Field Medic perk speaks for itself, allowing you to heal all your downed allies. They carry special weapons, such as medic grenades, that can heal squad mates and inflict poison on ZEDs. From this kind of perspective, the Field Medic perk can be very useful on any team, but when I look at their extremely limited offensive capabilities, I can’t put them any higher than the B-tier.


  • Best vs.: Alpha Clot, Slasher, Crawler

Choose the SWAT perk if you value mobility over anything else. SWATs typically carry SMGs and flashbang grenades, allowing them to move through the ZED crowds quickly and efficiently. However, don’t expect them to be able to deal with meatier ZEDs, such as Fleshpounds, Bloats, or Husks, as their firepower isn’t on that level yet.


  • Best vs.: Husk, Scrake, Fleshpound

Finally, I think Sharpshooter is the least useful perk in the game due to its extremely slow fire rate and general lack of defensive mechanisms. Its main priority is to focus on dealing precise headshots to larger ZEDs, but the setup and the reload times are so long that you can easily get caught by surprise with a bunch of smaller ZEDs at your back.

That’s it for my tier list of the best perks in Killing Floor 2. Stay tuned for more KF2 tips and tricks articles right here.

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