Killzone Offline Botzone Setup Guide

A quick reference guide to help you understand and explore the settings for Killzone: Shadow Fall's Offline Botzone.

There are three main game types for the PS4 Exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall; campaign, Botzone and multiplayer. There are walk-through and guides for the campaign here, but this page is all about the Botzone mode. 

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Botzone mode allows you to play on a variety of different maps, with different modes, against and with several AI characters. Set up is a few simple steps, starting in the main menu of the game. 

Select Your Bots and Maps

First you’re going to select Offline Botzone (the blue highlighted tab on the far left side of the screen). Botzone is not online multiplayer, and you play it with other bots, not your friends. 

This will take you to the next screen, which as the prompt “bot count.” This will allow you to select the amount of bots that you would like to play with, as well as their difficulty. The AI is pretty wily, and people at PAX that played a version of Botzone did not realize they were playing bots until they were told, so keep that in mind when you are selecting their difficulty. 

You can choose up to 11 bots to play with and the difficulty ranging from easy to hard. 

This is the section where you select the amount of maps that you want to add to your Warzone. You can select one, or you can have the map cycle through several, like the Factory and the Park. There are 10 included maps. 

Mission Selection

This is where you can add missions to the Warzone. There are several different mission types, from classic Team Deathmatch to a Killzone: Shadow Fall exclusive Capture and Connect. 

 The mission types for Killzone: Shadow Fall Warzones are: 

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Beacon Retrieval
  • Beacon Theft
  • Beacon Safeguard
  • Capture and Hold
  • Capture and Connect
  • Capture and Move
  • Search and Destroy

A lot of these are pretty basic modes standard to any online FPS multiplayer but there are a few that are specific to the Killzone franchise and Shadow Fall in particular. I’ll be going into more detail on the mission types in later guides. 


There are three classes in Offline Botzone. In this screen you can enable, disable and set a specific faction to a certain class. If you wanted all Helgan’s to be Support class, or felt that Scout was way too overpowered, you could try the game like that. 

The three classes are: 

  • Scout
  • Assault
  • Support

Like any online multiplayer game (this is an offline component, but still) you probably want a little of each class so that you can have a balanced game. 

Weapons, Abilities and Settings

This section will probably need a whole other post to go over all the intricacies of weapons, specializations and abilities. 

The weapons sections allows you to look over the different types of weapons each class can carry, and will go into the specifics on each weapon. The Abilities screen will do much the same, but with the specific abilities you can enable for each class. 

Above are the abilities for the Scout, including Tactical Echo, Cloak, Emergency Teleport, and Stun Drone. You can toggle these abilities on or off depending on your preferences. 

The Settings section is just your standard settings for a multiplayer arena. You can control with faction you spawn on, whether to have friendly fire or not, and more. Want a harder game? Turn off health regeneration. Does your heart lie with Helghast? Make it so you always spawn against the Vektan. 

Once you’ve made all of your selections, simply hit triangle to start the Botzone. 

Any questions about Botzone? Feel free to ask in the comments below. 

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