Killzone Walkthrough: “The Shadow” Part 1

Got hung up trying to exit that first room? Need a helping hand figuring out to assassinate guards? I've got the tips to walk you through the first level of Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Got hung up trying to exit that first room? Need a helping hand figuring out to assassinate guards? I've got the tips to walk you through the first level of Killzone: Shadow Fall.

This is effectively the first mission of the game, after you go through Chapter 1, where you are a child. You are introduced to Echo (the Helghast half-breed woman) and Sinclair (your commanding officer and replacement father figure) already at this point. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is probably a bit ahead of where you are and you might want to go back and play that initial section first. It’s a good introduction to basic in-game commands, and is super helpful as a basis. 

Note: This is a complete level walkthrough, so it may contain spoilers. Don’t read if those sorts of things offend you

First things first, you are introduced to your mission by Sinclair. A team carrying intel has been taken down in Helghast territory and you are the only man for the job. There’s some serious politics afoot, but you’re the right man to “clean this up.” 

You’re dropped off into a sort of silo/tunnel, filled with trash and debris. Along one end of the circular wall, bathed in red light, is a piece of graffiti bearing the words “Follow the Ratway:” 

This is actually great advice not just for this moment, but for the rest of the game. Whenever the game gives you the option to go through air ducts, do it. Not only are you sometimes rewarded with collectibles, but you can usually avoid guards and obstacles that way. 

In this instance, simply drop down that hole. There is another platform made of pipes there, and you can walk across it to the entrance to a blank tunnel. This tunnel has a red hued entranceway on the floor leading to another room. You can scan the room (right on the dPad), but at least on normal difficulty, there is no one there. 

This room is a bit tricky. The layout is a bit bizarre and on the first run through I spent a great deal of time in this room trying to figure out where to go. Here is a quick video explaining the route to leave this room and move on in the story.

If you can’t watch the video, the basic gist is that you climb up to the second tier of catwalks, which is yellow and illuminated. Once on top of the platform, walk to the end where the door is. You’ll be prompted by Sinclair telling you to avoid the security camera on the other side of the wall. You can open the door, but you’ll be hit by the security camera and turrets, so it’s best to avoid that. On the far right of the door is a small ventilation shaft. 

Remember what I said earlier about taking the ratway? This is another example of that. 

Once inside the shaft, take a left at the first junction and then another left. If this is your first time playing, there is a comic book to the right at the second junction. Once you get the end of the tunnel, you can just stand up and walk out, clear of the security camera. 

Now you’ve found your way into a large room full of barely illuminated spots and security cameras along the right hand side. The catwalks basically form a giant square, but you can’t get across using the catwalk you are currently on. 

On the right side, after the jump and a little past halfway, there is a platform on your right. It’s slightly lower than the other platform, and can be incredibly difficult to see if you’re not looking for it. This is the platform you need to be on in order to get across. 

Once on this platform, simply press your hand to the central pad (it’s an O command) and you’ll be pushed across. Now is a good time to scan the area (right on the dPad) to see the enemy on the side that you are heading towards. 

Climb on the platform. This enemy doesn’t really move, so he’s not going to circle around, but be careful about overcharging your scan or otherwise drawing his attention with the security camera. The best way to kill this guard is to climb on top of the box he’s behind and simply fall on him. The game will do the rest, brutally murdering him before he realizes you’re there. 

Go through the door in front of you, and be quick about scanning the room. This guard takes a long circular route around the room. You can avoid him, if you’d like, but I find it quicker and easier to just sneak behind him and kill him with the knife (right trigger). This eliminates the risk of him stumbling on you later and drawing the attention of the guards. 

The door to the next room is in the back left corner and go right down that hallway. If you scan the area you’ll see two guards below: 

The easiest way to kill these two guards is to first of all, avoid going on the platform until it’s necessary. If they see you, even a glimpse of like your far right arm or something, they’ll start shooting. Once you have them in your scan, go to the edge of the platform and jump on the guard closest to you. While falling, press in the right thumb stick. If executed properly, you should send a flying knife into the second enemy and you’ll totally feel like a ninja. If you mess up on this, no worries. Your knife attack is so overpowered, you can just simply stab the other guard quickly and easily. 

To leave this room, follow the room on the right side and exit there, proceeding down the hallway. Here you can open the door, even though there are two visible guards. This is where you meet the OWL. 

Now, simply hack the alarm system to the left of the screen with the OWL (it’s a L1 command), don’t forget to pick up your gun on the right side near the dead bodies, and then you can progress up the rocks along the back wall. 

This is the last image I saw before completing this first tutorial, as it’s a good marker for where to go next. 

Did I miss anything? Be sure to let me know in the comments! This starts a series of walk throughs on Killzone: Shadow Fall. 

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