Killzone Walkthrough: The Shadow Part 2

A walk through of Killzone: Shadow Fall, Chapter 2 covering the sections on "You Have the Intel" and "We're Getting Out.'

A walk through of Killzone: Shadow Fall, Chapter 2 covering the sections on "You Have the Intel" and "We're Getting Out.'

This is the second part of a 2-part series on how to complete Chapter 2, the Shadow, in Killzone: Shadow Fall. The first part of the series is a walk through of “Clean This Up.”

This is a walk through of the last two-thirds of Chapter 2 and covers “You Have the Intel?” and “We’re Getting Out.”

Note: This is a walk through, so it will contain certain spoilers. Read at your own risk. 

When last we left our hero, he was looking out over a rather large impressive statue of a man. This is the last shot of the previous walk through: 

Now, below the cliff you stand on to get this view is two guards. While you were able to collect your gun and your OWL at the previous section, you do not have any ammunition yet. 

Scan the area, which will illuminate your targets in yellow. Then send the OWL down to deal with them by swiping up on the touch screen and pressing L1. This will take two attempts, as the OWL has to repair itself after a certain amount of time. Once both guards have been killed you can zipline down to the lower level of the mountain (do this by swiping right on the touch screen and pressing L1). 

You’ll want to head towards the smoke. This is the crash that you are heading towards in the first place: 

When you see this image on your screen, you can zipline down to the sentry tower you see. 

Optional: If you’re interested in the collectibles in-game, you can zipline to the right of this location towards the top of the waterfall. There is a comic book on top of a tub on the far right section of the waterfall area. It should be illuminated when you scan. 

This is a situation where you’ll want to use the zipline, either from the optional location listed here or the original. There is a sentry tower close to you, and if you look through your sites you can make out a guard. He’s a little too far away to send the OWL after, but if you orient your zipline just right, you can swing down the zipline and then strike him with your knife. Like so: 

If successfully executed, the guard will be dead. If poorly executed, he’ll shoot and alert the other guards. Remember that the R3 melee attack, when prompted, is effectively unstoppable and should be used first and foremost. 

Once the guard at the top of the hill is dealt with, follow the blue lights down the ravine and use your L1 OWL hack to take down the alarm. This will stop any further reinforcements from being dropped in and will make the whole area a lot easier to deal with. 

Cross the stone bridge to the other side of the map. Go to the far left and follow the river. Going this route will allow you to bypass the guards. When you see this view, you’re almost there:

Down in the ravine below this shot is a small opening in the ground surrounded by yellow fence. If you go in this way you’ll be able to avoid guards near the crash site.  

Go down this ladder and follow the tunnel to your men. Here you can retrieve the intel and receive your next set of instructions. 

Don’t forget to use your OWL to shoot hard to reach enemies.

There are two ways out of the tunnel — back the way you just came, and down further into the tunnel. I’ve found that the tunnel route is a bit easier overall. Simply follow the ground level tunnel. You’ll exit into a half-blown apart building. Zipline across the opening into the other level. This will give you the ability to take pot shots at the guards. This is a great place to utilize the attack method on your OWL, or to use the shield, depending on your play style. 

After you’ve cleared out the enemies, you can climb up to the highest point on your side, zipline down to the highest level you can on the other side, and climb up to the second highest level where you’ll eventually exit. 

This video will clarify a little bit: 

There is an entranceway at this level that will allow you to exit to the crash shit. There is also an alarm station that you can hack here with the OWL. Hacking this station should stop further troop incursion, but there will still be some guards in the area, so clear them out as effectively and quickly as possible. 

Don’t forget to put the C4 on the drop ship. 

You now have two options for where you’re heading next. The objective marker to the left represents the Com tower, and the objective marker to the right represents the AA guns. Because the Com tower is closer to the final objective in the game, I clear out the AA guns first. 

AA Guns

To get to the AA guns, go to the rocks on the side of the river you’re currently on (near where the waterfalls are.) Here there are cliffs that you can climb. This way is a bit hard to see initially, but once you find it, you just have to climb up the wall and follow the cliff face to get to the AA guns. 

Once you reach the top of the path, stealth to the front of the platform, lower level. Here is the alarm system. If you can get it before you alert any of the guards, you can successfully stop the next wave of enemies. 

The AA guns are on the second level of the platform and once you place C4 you can leave the area. The easiest way is to zipline off the top platform to the closest sentry tower. 

Communications Tower

The Communications tower is on the right hand side of the map, if you’re facing the large statue. If you get across the bridge, either by stealth or force, you can sneak back behind the communications building. There is a walkway around the left hand side, and on the way back there you can hack the alarm system at the gate. By going around the back, you can avoid the gate, which is stealthier alternative. 

Remember Follow the Ratway’s as mentioned in Chapter 2, Section 1. 

If you choose this route, you can either enter the building through the red ventilation shaft on the right (this will put you inside of the building) or continue along the walkway until it exits behind the gate.

There is a comms panel on the main floor of the building that you must hack, and a hackable panel on the very top floor. But be careful, the area around the top floor is mined. 

We’re Getting Out 

Follow the red objective symbol to get to the statue base. This is a team fight, so keep in mind that while the enemies and your guys look very similar, you will gain nothing but wasted ammo by shooting your own guys. 

You’re heading for the armory, which is on the base level of the structure. You can either go up the stairs and attack from above, or go from the front. I tend to attack from above, but the developers did leave that option open. 

To progress in the story, you must hack the panel in the armory with the L1 command. There are also adrenaline packs, viewable as squares when you scan the room, that are available in the side rooms if you need them. 

Once the three waves of enemies arrive, you will be able to leave on your drop ship and will detonate all of the bombs you had previously placed. 

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As the drop ship is being hacked, you will need to survive three waves of attacks from incoming ships. You can shoot out the combatants before they land. 

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