Kim Kardashian: Hollywood 7 Gigs and Jobs Tips

Get pets, socialize, and find the hidden rewards!

Like most free-to-play games, the concept of “without charge” in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is used in the most deceptive, misleading manner the developers could have devised. 

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Naturally, the game consists of tedious, time-consuming ways to acquire currency, which lead most players to skip this uninteresting chunk of the story by forking over real money in order to progress faster in the game. 

Well have no fear, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood players, GameSkinny is here to make sure you know all the tips and tricks to load up on enough energy, money, and silver stars to make sure no holes are burnt into your pockets. 

1. The Basics – Working For Your Money

This may not come as a surprise to many players, but the first (and easiest) way to make some fast cash is to work at some of the available employment locations in the game:

Kardash Miami, New York, and Calabasas

The Kardash store locations listed above are the places where you can spend about an hour making money. Doing a few shifts here will earn you tons more money than doing jobs for your agent.

So Chic Downtown LA

Not only can you spend some time working at the Kardash locations, but you can also work at So Chic in Downtown LA to pick up some money for your travels to becoming an A-list celebrity.

Something to remember is that in order to continue working for So Chic, you must be the owner. 

2. Free Goodies – Start Completing Offers

In a recent update, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood began running advertisements in the form of promotional offers. By watching the videos offered here, you can earn $10 per video and 1 silver star per video. 

Not only can these be completed multiple times a day, but there are various offers besides watching videos that you can complete. 

3. Start Cheating – Get Unlimited Energy

Many mobile video game players are aware of the time travel trick, but for those who aren’t, prepare your mind for imminent blowing. 

If you go into your device’s settings and find the time & date, there’s an option to set the time forward and backward. By setting the current time forward, you can trick your app into believing a sufficient amount of time has gone by, which will refill your energy gauge. 

4. Harness Your Inner Detective – Find Hidden Rewards

Just kidding about the detective thing, this is what a guide is for. There are approximately 10-15 energy points hidden around the game which should respawn every 2 minutes. 

Another aspect to keep in mind is that you can enter, leave, and re-enter many events in order to collect the hidden rewards twice. 

Hidden Rewards: California
Downtown LA Hollywood Beverly Hills Calabasas LAX
Bike Fire Hydrant Tree Yellow & Purple Flower Arrangement Bird
Bird Tree Fire Hydrant [Kardash] Mannequin Suitcase
Newspaper Dispenser [The Brew Palms] Wine Bottle [Panino] Wine Bottle Potted Flowers [Gate 4 Airport] Suitcase
[Pet] Cat “Now Open” Sign Coffee Sign    Newspaper Dispenser
  Buying a drink and asking for gossip      
Hidden Rewards: Everywhere Else
Miami Las Vegas New York Punta Mita, Mexico Paris, Fance
Bird Newspaper Dispenser [Tribeca] Bird Bird Tree
Scooter Moving Phone Sign [Tribeca] Fire Hydrant Table With Drinks Motorcycle
Fire Hydrant Fire Hydrant [Tribeca] Newspaper Dispenser   Tree
[Kardash] Mannequin [Chateau Nuit] SH Bottle [SOHO] Skateboard    
[LIF] SH Bottle  [Miraggio Grande] Wine Bottle  [SOHO] Fire Hydrant    
  Buy a drink for $20 and pay for a tip  [SOHO] [Kardash] Mannequin    
    [SOHO] [Oak] Wine Bottle    
    [JFK] Suitcase    


5. Start a Family – Own Some Pets

The more pets you own, the more times you can tap them for bonus items. Buy as many pets as you can to stay ahead of the game.

6. Be Friendly – Socialize As Much As Possible

With the more friends you acquire, the more you can collect at your various gigs. As your friend list grows, so will your bonuses each time you complete a gig. 

You can invite your friends to join you on a gig by tapping the plus sign next to the blue icon. 

7. Be Smart – Dedicate Your Time To The Most Efficient Tasks

An important of this game, and anything really, is to make sure you’re using your time in the most efficient way possible.

By choosing the jobs that reward you with the most stars and money, rather than taking every job you see, you’ll be much better off for a lot less work.

Which Jobs Pay More? 

Working at stores pays significantly more than working most gigs. This is important to keep in mind when you’re looking for fast cash, especially when you aren’t very high up the celebrity list yet. 

Stick To Lots of Shorter Gigs

By declining most of the longer gigs offered by your agent, and only accepting the shorter ones, you’ll be making much more money. Not only will you be using less energy and time to complete a task, but by the time you complete one long gig, you could have completed many short ones. 

  • Using the “Pose Together” task will grant you the most bonus stars.
  • “Pose Together” and “Hold That Pose” will earn the most reward stars.
  • “Make Friends” and “Entertain” will earn the most reward stars.
  • “Pose For Group Pictures” will earn the most bonus stars.
Fashion Shows
  • “Elegant Stride” will earn the most reward stars.
  • “Walk Runway Together” will earn the most bonus stars.
  • “Prepare For Big Scene” will earn the most reward stars.
  • “Action” and “Prepare For Big Scene” will grant you the most bonus stars.
Store Shifts
  • “Cute Outfits,” “Change Outfits,” and “Rearrange” will earn the most reward stars.
  • “Change Outfits” will earn the most bonus stars.

More Tips and Guides

For more tips to guide you through the climb to take a seat next to Kim Kardashian on the celebrity A-list, check out my location guide next time you get lost on your adventures. 

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