Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Location Guide

A guide to popular mobile app, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, explaining which businesses are featured in which locations.

For an updated location list, check out Kim Kardashian: Hollywood updated location guide!

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Perhaps one of the most surprising plot twists to the gaming world lately is the wild success of recently released mobile game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. 

Using a popular free-to-play business model, players can choose to do extra work for more features, or to simply use real money to pay for the easy way out. 

No matter which side you are an advocate for, each time you travel to a separate location, players must pay to use the bus. Whether you paid for your currency, or earned it the old fashioned way, many players are stuck guessing where exactly each quest building is located.

For those in such a painstaking bind, here’s a comprehensive location guide for anyone who happened to close out of an important chat box a bit too quickly: 

Building Area Guide

Area Neighborhood Building
California Downtown LA Pop Glam Magazine
California Downtown LA DuLuxe Lifestyle Apartments
California Downtown LA SO CHIC
California Beverly Hills Metropolitan Magazine
California Beverly Hills Panino
California Beverly Hills Kim’s Mansion
California Hollywood Luna Condos
California Hollywood The Brew Palms
California Hollywood CTM Management & Publicity
California Hollywood Mirimount Pictures
California LAX Airport
California LAX The West Inn Apartments
California LAX Championship Business Centers
California Calabasas Kardash
California Calabasas Mansion for Sale
California Calabasas Significant Other’s House
Las Vegas Las Vegas Chateau Nuit
Las Vegas Las Vegas Miraggio Grande
Las Vegas Las Vegas Glamm Magazine
Miami Miami LIF
Miami Miami Kardash
Miami Miami Beach House for Sale
New York Tribeca  Ganzervele 
New York  Tribeca   Gates Towers
New York  Tribeca  Smith & Smith Luxury Lofts
New York SOHO Kardash
New York SOHO Oak
New York SOHO Muse Magazine
New York New York JFK
Mexico Punta Mita Aiport
Mexico Punta Mita Villa
Mexico Punta Mita El Canario
Mexico Punta Mita Paradiso De Playa
France Paris Aiport
France Paris Hotel Utopie
France Paris La Rue
France Paris Femme


*Note: Your Manager and Publicist are located in the CMT Management & Publicity Building

For a list to help guide you through making money in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, check out my jobs and gigs guide. You can download the game or find more information on Google Play and iTunes.

For an updated location list, check out Kim Kardashian: Hollywood updated location guide!

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