Here's how to heal injuries and status effects in King Arthur: Knight's Tale.

King Arthur Knight’s Tale: How to Heal Injuries

Here's how to heal injuries and status effects in King Arthur: Knight's Tale.

You’ve got to know how to heal injuries in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale to get by, from status effects to vitality. You’ve got to cure your heroes to get back to Camelot.

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Our guide will provide you with tips on how to heal injuries in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. You will learn about the two most important buildings when it comes to healing your characters.

How to Heal Injuries in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

Build a Hospice

The first building you should have in Camelot is the Hospice, which will cost you 500 Gold and 500 BR (building resources).

Hospice is specifically required to heal Vitality, which is lost during the battles. Once a hero starts the treatment in the Hospice, you will not be able to use them fro some time.

The treatment at Hospice involves the following measures:

  • Heroes get 20% of their max Vitality pool restored for free after each mission.
  • You can spend Gold to heal your heroes during one mission.
  • If you want your hero fully recovered, you must also pay Gold and complete a certain amount of missions.

Build a Cathedral

The second most important building for healing injuries is Cathedral, which specifically heals status effects. This building will also cost you 500 Gold and 500 BR.

If you unlock the Life Elixir upgrade, which costs 3,000 Gold, then you will also be able to heal some of your Vitality in addition to healing injuries. But other than that the Cathedral works similarly to Hospice.

Note that you may also use various equipment to increase your Vitality, such as:

  • Scroll of Potions
  • Hunter’s Trophy
  • Sage’s Ring
  • Champion’s Trophy
  • Amulet of Epona
  • Watchmen’s Coin
  • Trophy of Frenzy
  • Herald’s Cape
  • Trophy of Obsession
  • Coin of the Quick
  • War Trophy

Additionally, consider such skills and masteries like Robust and Endurance that also increase your Vitality.

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