Kingdom Come: Deliverance — Lost in Translation Quest Guide

Here's everything you need to know about finding the Cuman's stash in Kingdom Come: Deliverance!

Here's everything you need to know about finding the Cuman's stash in Kingdom Come: Deliverance!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is touted as being a role-playing game for hardcore players, which is something that really shows in the nonlinear, unguided nature of its quests. While some players may love the lack of quest markers, others might find themselves frustrated with quests such as Lost in Translation.

Unlike in the movie of the same name, you won’t be having a romantic escapade in a far-off land during this sidequest. Rather, you’ll be interrogating a Cuman raider in order to find all the plunder he’s stashed away — with the help of an actual Hungarian translator.

Beginning the Quest

Lost in Translation begins in Budin, where you’ll meet a miller whose millhands managed to capture and imprison a Cuman raider. The miller will tell you that he plans to interrogate the prisoner to find his treasure, but as neither he nor Henry can speak Hungarian, you’ll need to find a translator.

The miller offers you a tip, saying that you might be able to find a Hungarian-speaking vagrant at another mill downriver. The tip proves accurate, and it’s a simple matter of convincing the translator to return with you to Budin — all you need to do is offer him some groschen (about 30 or 40 should do it).

The Interrogation

While there isn’t much variation in how the interrogation of the Cuman goes, what you make of the vagabond’s translation will affect how the rest of the sidequest plays out.

If you take the translator’s word for it, you’ll find that the quest gets a little more complicated when you wind up being led into an ambush. Once you’ve dealt with the two Cuman raiders, you’ll have to recapture the prisoner (he’ll be cowering somewhere nearby), and he’ll finally lead you to his stash — if you let him.

The simplest way to resolve Lost in Translation is to confront the vagabond about not translating everything the Cuman said — particularly the bit where you heard the Cuman prisoner specifically mention Rattay, the name of a nearby town.

Once you threaten to take the Cuman prisoner to Rattay yourself, the translator will spill the beans, saying that the Cuman told him the location of the stash but that he was planning on taking Henry “not anywhere you want to be.” After that, you can force the Cuman to take you there himself.

Finding the Stash on Your Own

If, for whatever reason, the Cuman doesn’t take you to the stash, you’ll have to rely on your own detective work to find it, as there’s no quest marker for this part of Lost in Translation. If you’re having trouble finding the stash, you’ll find it across the river bend west of Rattay, in a hollowed tree stump on a hill.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Lost in Translation's quest asks you to find this stash inside a tree stump

Inside the stump is the Cuman’s stash: 200 groschen and an antidote.

Deciding the Cuman’s Fate

Now that you’ve got your treasure, it’s up to you to decide the prisoner’s fate (if he’s not already dead). While it’s possible that letting him go could have some sort of consequence later on in the game, as far as we know, bringing him to Rattay is the most rewarding option. Bringing the Cuman prisoner to Rattay will let you claim a 100 groschen bounty from the town’s bailiff.

At this point, Lost in Translation is more or less complete. All you have to do now is bring the miller his promised half of the reward — you wouldn’t want to stiff the quest giver, would you?

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