Kingdom Come Deliverance: Restless Spirit Quest Guide

Having trouble figuring out how to complete the Restless Spirit side quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance? This guide has you covered!

Having trouble figuring out how to complete the Restless Spirit side quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance? This guide has you covered!

Restless Spirit is one of the lengthiest and most confusing side quests in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, requiring you to complete a series of travel-based tasks that will probably come across as dull and tedious to most. The quest has several different parts where your objective isn’t clear or shown on the map, so paying attention to the dialogue is important.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance‘s Restless Spirit Quest actually has one of the more interesting side stories in the game, so it’s worth it to pay attention to the dialogue and cut-scenes anyway! Many are unsure of where to find the elusive Necronomicon that you’ll receive from this quest, and in this guide I’ll lay everything out in steps for you.

How to Begin

To start the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Restless Spirit quest, head north of Ledetchko. You’ll eventually reach a fork, and at this fork you’ll want to head westward and up the hill there. You should eventually find the herbalist, and when you speak with her and ask for work, she’ll inform you about Drahomira, the butcher’s widow.

Collect 10 poppies to start out the Kingdom Come Deliverance Restless Spirit quest

The first quest objective is to collect 10 poppies. All 10 can be purchased from the herbalist, saving you the time of needing to search for them yourself. (If you’d rather collect them without spending, just skip purchasing them, and I’ll tell you how you can find them under the next heading.) After, make your way back to Ledetchko to again speak with Drahomira. She’ll tell you that you need to find Alois’ grave. To do that, you need to go to Sasau.

Performing the Smudging Ritual

In Sasau, find the church, and you’ll see a grave outside of it that has taller grass all around it. On top of the burial plot, you’ll see a flower. Grab it. Go back to Ledetchko. (At this point, you can collect the 10 poppies from Ledetchko if you opted not to purchase them earlier.)

Now that you have the ingredients necessary for the incense, you can begin the smudging ritual by again speaking to Drahomira. When the ritual is complete, return to the butcher in the morning. Talk to Drahomira once again to find out that the ritual unfortunately did not work.

Finding the Necronomicon

The next step is to ask the Apothecary in Rattay about banishing ghosts. As you could guess, this means you’ll need to head to Rattay and speak to Apothecary Konyash. He’ll tell you about the Necronomicon, which he believes could be at the Satau monastery.

To continue the restless spirit quest, speak to the apothecary in Rattay about the Necronomicon

Many people get stuck at this part if they aren’t following the dialogue because the quest marker doesn’t update, but you do need to head to the monastery in Satau. There, you need to be wearing your lightest clothing to quietly enter the monastery. You have to be able to lockpick hard locks to pass this point of the quest.

In the southeast of the monastery, head up the steps and you’ll notice an unlocked door. Make your way in and you’ll reach a point where you’re said to be trespassing. Leave and wait until 1-2 a.m. to return, because this is when the monks sleep.

At 1-2 a.m., head back to this area and continue through to a room where you see a table with chairs around it. Near the table against the wall, you’ll find a trunk with a hard lock on it that you can pick. This will give you the Key to Forbidden Books. Go through the nearby door, through the library, and on your left you’ll see a locked cabinet which the key you just found can unlock. On the left side, you’ll find the Necronomicon. It took me a few attempts to get the prompts to appear, but it is there. If you don’t get it the first peek around, keep trying. At this point, you’re finished here, and you need to return to Rattay.

Finding Lada’s Grave

In Rattay, meet with the Apothecary again and give him the Necronomicon. After a few hours, return to him and he’ll have finished reading it. He’ll then inform you that you need to find the grave of Lada, wife of Alois. Again, you’re pointed in the direction of Drahomira. Return to Ledetchko and speak to Drahomira. You’ll learn that Alois was actually killed in a fire by his wife, who was later found dead in a wooded area. Drahomira can’t tell you who knows where her grave is but states that someone else within Ledetchko can.

At this point of the quest, I’m unsure if the person you must speak to is static or set at random. For me, it was the barmaid that gave me directions to the grave. Regardless of who gives you the directions, the location is shown at a waypoint northeast of Ledetchko.

Casting a Spell on Lada’s Grave

Don’t head to the waypoint location yet, though. Instead, go back to Rattay and speak to the Apothecary again. He’ll tell you to meet him at the crossroads northeast of Ledetchko in the night. Do so, and you’ll find him there and can proceed to Lada’s grave. At the gravesite, Konyash will go through some dialogue, and you’ll be done. After, wait until sunrise to see if the spell worked. When you do so, you’ll find that once again something has gone wrong.

Head to Uzhitz to visit Godwin during the Kingdom Come Deliverance Restless Spirit quest

Drahomira will tell you that you need to seek a priest to figure out why the spell didn’t work out. The priest you’ll need to visit is named Godwin, and he’s in Uzhitz. Godwin will let you know that all along it’s been Drahomira’s guilty conscience that’s causing this mess, not some ghost. With that information, head back to Drahomira, and she’ll reveal a bit of information that’s a little too juicy to spoil in this guide! Figure out what the problem is, and then she’ll ask for one last favor.

Getting the Conciliatory Cross

The final task that Drahomira sets you on is to head to the quarry in Talmburg. You’ll need to have 10 Groschen on you to get the conciliatory cross made. If you have trouble finding the quarry, it may be because you’re in the Siege mission of the main story. Once you complete it, you’ll be able to reach the quarry and complete Restless Spirit.

When you pay for the conciliatory cross, there should be a cut-scene, and then Drahomira will give you a ring. You’ve now completed this side quest!

I’ve noticed a lot of people reporting glitches and issues with proceeding through areas of this quest, so if you encounter any of that, then just drop me a comment below, and I can try to help guide you through it. If it involves interacting with an inanimate object, like the Necronomicon, just jitter around and fidget a bit, and eventually the game will probably register that you’ve peeked at it.

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