Kingdom Come: Deliverance All Ancient Map Locations Guide

Find all five DLC pre-order ancient maps with the help of this guide to Kingdom Come: Deliverance. And even if you didn't pre-order, we'll show the location anyway!

Everyone loves treasure, and although you can buy treasure maps from various vendors in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which will lead you to some cool additional loot, there are others that show take you to loot that isn't so obvious. If you've pre-ordered the "Treasures of the Past" DLC, you will also get access to extra five ancient maps that will show you the way to some of the best loot in the game.

First, you need to finish the Homecoming quest in the beginning of the game. After that, you will find yourself in bed with Theresa at Rattay Mill. There you need to open your trunk; inside, you'll find all five maps. Follow this guide, if you want to quickly find all the extra treasure spots.

Ancient Map 1: Grave #1

The player uses ancient map one to find the first grave southeast of Neuhof

The first ancient map will lead you into the forest located southeast of Neuhof. On the exact spot indicated in the screenshot above, you will find a grave. Dig it up and you will see a skeleton and a sack inside with the following items:

  • 1 Decorated riding boots
  • 1 German bascinet
  • 217.8 Groschen
  • 1 Lucky playing die
  • 1 Silver ring
  • 1 Stinger
  • Warhorse pauldrons
  • Warhorse waffenrock

Ancient Map 2: Interesting Site

The player uses ancient map 2 to find an interesting location northwest of Rattay

The second map will lead you to the northwest of Rattay, where you will find the ruins of an old house, which hides a chest within its stone walls. You'll have pickk the chest's lock, so be prepared and bring a lockpick with you. If you manage to open the chest, you will get these items:

  • 1 Fashionable slippers
  • 200.9 Groschen
  • 1 Heavy Warhammer
  • 1 Lightweight dark brigandine
  • 1 Recipe for Lullaby Potion
  • 1 Silver ring
  • 1 Strip die
  • 1 Warhorse helmet
  • 1 Warhorse shoes

Ancient Map 3: Cave

The player uses ancient map 3 to find a cave west of Rattay

The third ancient treasure is located further to the west from the previous point -- far west of Rattay. When you're done with the chest from the previous location, just follow the road to the west and turn south at the location indicated on the map.

In the thick of the forest, you will see an entrance into a cave with a sack inside. You'll find:

  • 1 Ash Longbow
  • 1 Decorated German bascinet
  • 1 Fashionable slippers
  • 308.2 Groschen
  • 1 Heavenly Kingdom die
  • 1 Marathon IV
  • 1 Plate jack dyed
  • 1 Recipe for Artemisia potion
  • 1 Warhorse gambeson chauses
  • Warhorse gauntlets

Ancient Map 4: Deer Hunting Spot

The player uses ancient map 4 to find a deer hunting spot northwest of Skalitz

To the northwest of Skalitz you will find the fourth ancient map location -- the Deer Hunting Spot. It is represented by an old, abandoned shack with a locked treasure chest, so as usual, be sure to bring a lockpick.

However, you need to be properly skilled if you want to unlock this one. If you manage, here's what you will get:

  • 1 Dark plate-armour jacket
  • 1 Decorated riding boots
  • 647 Groschen
  • 1 Lucky Die
  • 1 Recipe for Embrocation
  • 1 The Rule of St. Nicholes 3
  • 1 Warhorse Brigandine
  • 1 Warhorse Hauber
  • 1 Yew Longbow

Ancient Map 5: Grave #2

The player uses ancient map 5 to find grave 2 northeast of Talmberg and Uzhitz

The final ancient map location can be found at the grave to the northeast of Talmberg and Uzhitz. Look out for a large tree near a windmill -- the grave is right behind the stone wall.

This time, you will dig up a basket with a few worthy items, such as:

  • 1 Grand bascinet
  • 485.4 Groschen
  • 1 Necklace
  • 1 Nobleman’s boots
  • 1 Nurembergian cuirass
  • 1 Odd die
  • 1 Recipe for Biyoi’s Rage potion
  • 1 Spike Warhammer
  • 1 Warhorse coif
  • 1 Warhorse greaves

Hopefully, this locations guide helped you out. Even if you didn't manage to pre-order the DLC, you will still be able to find these locations and take all the loot, which is really, really good.


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Published Feb. 16th 2018

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