How to Save and Court Teresa in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Teresa can be a big part of Kingdom Come: Deliverance's early game. Not only will you get a companion, you'll get two trophies/achievements for saving and courting her.

Featuring a living, breathing medieval world, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is filled to the brim with side quests and missable trophies as your bumbling blacksmith's son tries not to die horribly.

If you are feeling particularly brave (or suicidal), you can unlock the Cavalier trophy by saving a woman named Teresa from an unpleasant fate at the hands of three heavily-armored goons.

This achievement is unlocked during the Run! quest quite early on in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Ready to get started tangling with soldiers who are much better at killing than you are? This guide covers everything you need to know to save Teresa and nab a tough achievement!

Kingdom Come Deliverance Saving Teresa Guide

First off, this trophy is entirely missable, so if you screw up, just re-load your save. While the game doesn't auto-save often, one is made right before you begin the frantic running segment of the quest.

After being chased down a path, you will reach a farm where Teresa is in front of the door being accosted by three soldiers.

It is really unbelievably easy to die here, as you aren't skilled yet and don't have much equipment at this point in the game. Even a single sword swing from any of the three can see you give up the ghost, so try to stay out of their range as much as possible.

Guards accosting Theresa outside her home in Kingdom Come: Deliverance Saving Theresa from the Cumans (thanks to GameRiot for the screenshot)

Here's the thing though -- you can get the achievement and still die, so if you are just trophy hunting, that should be enough. Run up and try to fight the soldiers (you will lose), get your trophy, and re-load. If you want to save Teresa in and actually live, that's a bit harder.

One of the easiest ways to stay alive and unlock the Cavalier trophy/achievement is to run up behind the soldiers -- but far enough away that they can't get in a swing immediately -- and whistle to distract them.

That way you don't have to throw any punches or actually get in harm's way. They will stop struggling with Teresa and come slowly after you during the confusion, giving you enough time to jump on the horse and flee to safety.

There are other potential ways to save Teresa and unlock the achievement as well. If you run past the soldiers and jump on your horse, you can turn around and ram the horse into the group -- sort of like a medieval car collision -- and then continue riding away quickly to safety.

Player riding a horse through the countryside     Discretion is the better part of valor -- ride away at full speed to safety!

Courting Teresa

Later on, during Kingdom Come: Deliverance's main storyline, you can also get the McLovin' trophy by courting Teresa during the quest called Courtship, which is triggered automatically during the Keeping The Peace quest found in Rattay.

Although it seems like maybe you shouldn't be able to do this, you can actually get this courtship-based achievement regardless of whether or not you saved Teresa earlier in the game.

The Courtship quest is triggered by talking to the guard Nightingale, who will proclaim Teresa has "bigger balls than most men." Seeing her fight off three Cumans at once, I don't doubt him!

From there, just follow the quest prompts to take her for a walk, give her a gift such as jewerly, wait a few days and continue the conversations, and talk to her one final time to begin the romance.

That's it. 

Player speaking to Theresa in Kingdom Come: Deliverance Courting Theresa

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Published Feb. 16th 2018

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