Kingdom Come: Deliverance Beginner Tips and Tricks Guide

Learn how to persuade your opponents, win in combat, and steal from your enemies in this beginner's guide to Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

After years of development, one of the most anticipated action RPG games of this decade is finally here -- Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This highly realistic role-playing game combines the authenticity of the medieval era, a great story, and a vast open world into something that's utterly unique in gaming today. 

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a game for people who already have experience playing RPG games, such as Skyrim or The Witcher 3. The game's first-person perspective allows you to immerse yourself in KC:D's realistic sword combat style and make your way through hundreds of questlines.

If you just started playing the game and want to know the essentials as quickly as possible, then follow our beginner's guide below.

Choose Your Character's Characteristics

Making a character in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

After the introductory cut-scene, you will be given the chance to select the main characteristics of Henry, the game's main protagonist. The game will offer you four choices: Speech, Agility, Vitality, and Strength.

Choose Speech if you want to play the game as a diplomat. This doesn't mean that you will need to stick to that given characteristic throughout the rest of the game -- you will be able to change it over the course of the story. But this is a great choice for the beginning -- before all the battles start.

Agility is more suitable for players who like to be sneaky and stealthy -- an excellent option for stealing things -- but Vitality and Strength will be more important when the combat starts.

Learn How to Persuade

You'll make lots of dialogue-driven choices in Kingdom Come Deliverance

You will talk a lot in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and the choices you make during conversations will actually influence your stance in the story. So first, make sure that you can speak to and persuade your opponents.

In order to get a better idea of how to lead conversations, always look in the bottom-left corner of your screen, which shows the number of your skill points reflected against that of your opponent.

Each skill is represented by an icon that corresponds to a certain answer in the dialogue menu. Choose the answer that corresponds to the skill with the largest number of points. This will give you a better chance of persuading your opponent.

If you see that your opponent is really tough and there is no way you can get over him, then you can use poison or other means to make him weaker and thus more vulnerable to your answers.

Also, remember that your appearance and overall reputation influence the outcome of the conversation.

Combat Tips and Tricks

The combat in Kingdom Come Deliverance isn't all that complicated

The developers from Warhorse Studios said many times that combat in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the most realistic you'll ever see in any RPG. Does this mean that combat is super complicated? Actually, not at all. You will need to learn a few things here and there, but it's not that hard.


First, you need to understand what the gauge on the bottom of the screen means. The purple line on the top left is the estimated health level of your opponent. When it gets really low, you will notice that he becomes much slower and eventually gives up.

Second, the red top line shows your own health. If you get stabbed a few times, you will start bleeding, which will increase the speed at which you'll be losing your health. Only a good armor and timely blocks will prevent you from bleeding.

The third line is the yellow bottom one, which shows your stamina. This is connected with your life total, meaning that you will have less stamina if you start bleeding and losing health.

Lastly, you will notice an icon appearing right next to the gauge, which shows which part of your body is hurt the most. It will also show if you're bleeding.


The two most important attacks in Kingdom Come: Deliverance are Slash, if you're holding a weapon, and Jab, if you're barehanded (LMB, RT, R2). Slash is a slow but strong attack, and you can also use the same controls for shooting a bow.

The opposite two attacks are Stab and Hook (RMB, RB, R1). This time, if you're holding a weapon, the hit will be faster but weaker. If you want to kick or push your opponent, then press F, LT, L2.

At times you will fight more than one enemy, so you will need to be able to switch from one enemy to another rather quickly (Tab, Right Stick (press)). Then, you will need to block and parry a lot (Q, LB, L1). But be sure to deal with one opponent at a time or else it will get really hard.

Take and Sell Everything You Can

Kingdom Come Deliverance lockpicking is especially important early on

For economy reasons, stealing, lockpicking, and pickpocketing are a necessity in this game, especially in the beginning when you really need good gear. So take everything you can find and sell it for as much as you can.

Invest in your skills and get good at solving all the mini-games that are required during these actions. Just don't gamble, as gambling will quickly empty your pouch.

Also, try to beat harder enemies and take all their belongings. This is also a great way of getting lots of gold at the start.


These few tips and tricks should be more than enough to help you start in this fantastic new game. But don't forget to come back soon for more Kingdom Come: Deliverance guides at GameSkinny!


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Published Feb. 15th 2018

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