Having trouble finding all the lingering memories in Kingdom Hearts 2.8? This guide will help you out.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: How to Find Each Area’s Lingering Memory

Having trouble finding all the lingering memories in Kingdom Hearts 2.8? This guide will help you out.

There are four objectives in Kingdom Hearts 2.8 that involve finding Lingering Memories. There is one memory in each of the four worlds you visit throughout the game. So although it’s more practical to get each memory during your initial playthrough, you can always revisit any of worlds at any time if you miss a memory.

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But, to keep you from doing that, here are the locations of each memory in Kingdom Hearts 2.8.

Castle Town

This memory is on the roof of a building near the center of town. You can find it straight ahead of the save point. If you haven’t gotten it already, it looks like a green glass slipper.

The World Within

This one is on the second column to the left of the save point in the main room. You will need to jump on platforms behind it and to the left to be able to reach it.

Forest of Thorns

This one is right behind the third Darkside you must fight after the long log ride. Continue past the save point until you reach the stone steps and the second Darkside. 

Go up the stone steps until you reach the top. Instead of continuing, take the path to the right that leads down to reach the third Darkside and lingering memory. 

Depths of Darkness

kingdom hearts 2.8 lingering memories

As soon as you get here you engage in a boss battle, with King Mickey as your ally. When the fight is over, you’ll see a save point a short distance ahead. Continue past the save point for a little bit and you will start a fight with three earth cores. 

As soon as you make it here, go right and turn around to see a path that leads down. Follow the path until you reach the bottom, then turn around to see the lingering memory in the shape of a heart on the wall.

Those are all the lingering memories you need to find for the objectives in Kingdom Hearts 2.8. If you need help with any others, check out my full guide for Every Objective in 0.2!

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