How to get the 7 pieces or Orichalcum+ to get your hands on Ultima Weapon in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Orichalcum+ Locations for Ultima Weapon

How to get the 7 pieces or Orichalcum+ to get your hands on Ultima Weapon in Kingdom Hearts 3.

There are a few steps to getting the Ultima Weapon Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 3. However, the hardest part is finding seven additional Orichalcum+ to make it. 

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Finding all seven pieces of Orichalcum+ requires a fair amount of world-bouncing and playing minigames, but the end result is more than worth it for longtime fans of the series or Final Fantasy diehards. Who turns down Ultima Weapon? Nobody, that’s who.

The most difficult Orichalcum+ to get are the ones tied to Trinity Sled, the Flantastic Seven, and the Omega Machine Gummi Ship boss. The one at the Moogle Shop seems a little flaky, but using the method outlined below will net you the ore in no time.

1. Moogle Shop Postcards

There’s a random chance you can obtain a piece of Orichalcum+ from the Postcards you get for making purchases at the Moogle Shop. You have to be a little lucky here, though.

You can make getting this one more bearable by entering the shop and purchasing a single potion. If you’re not given a Postcard, you can leave the shop and come back to try again as many times as needed to get the Orichalcum+.

2. Obtain 10 Treasures in Trinity Sled

You have to obtain all 10 of the treasures found within the Trinity Sled minigame to be granted a piece of Orichalcum+. Check out the following video showing the locations of all 10 treasures. Speak to Elsa to receive your Orichalcum+ as a reward once you’ve found them all.

3. Find 80 Lucky Emblems

Lucky Emblems are found throughout the game and 80 is a lot. You’ll be hunting these things down throughout a playthrough, and with luck, you will have 80 before you even start to worry about Ultima Weapon.

4. Find a Chest in The Caribbean

The chest containing this piece of Orichalcum+ is found on Exile Island in The Caribbean world. Head to the island and look for the chest among the rocks on the island.

5. Find a Chest in the Keyblade Graveyard

This one’s easier to get than most.

Spawn yourself in The Badlands and turn around. You should see a portal you can step into to get to the chest containing Orichalcum+. Very easy compared to some of these others.

6. Beat all Flan minigames with A rank

Finding the Flantastic Seven isn’t that bad, but getting high scores in their minigames can be a little tough.

Below, we’ve just listed these out with the worlds they’re in, along with the most important part: the minimum score you need to get an A rank. Good luck!

  • Cherry Flan: Found in Olympus (Min. score 20000)
  • Orange Flan: Found in the Kingdom of Corona (Min. score 23300)
  • Banana Flan: Found in Monstropolis (Min. score 22000)
  • Strawberry Flan: Found in Toy Box (Min. score 17000)
  • Grape Flan: Arendelle (Min. score 20000)
  • Watermelon Flan: The Caribbean (Min. score 29000)
  • Honeydew Flan: San Fransokyo (Min score 15000)

7. Defeat the Omega Machine Gummi Ship Boss

This big bad can be found in the game’s final galaxy, The Eclipse. Make sure you bring along a decked out Gummi Ship for this fight. Beat it, and you’ve got the last piece of Orichalcum+.

It took forever for Kingdom Hearts 3 to come out, do you feel it was worth the wait? Let us know in the comments, and look for our upcoming review and guides for Kingdom Hearts 3, including our keyblade list as well as how to upgrade keyblades.  

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