Check this guide for everything you need to know about Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Beginner Tips and Tricks

Check this guide for everything you need to know about Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X has finally launched in North America and many fans, including myself, are excited to get to play. It’s a mobile version of a game that launched in Japan last year as a web browser game. It is available for iOS and Android.

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This game is cannon to the overall Kingdom Hearts story and directly relates to events in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 2.8 game on PS4. Kingdom Hearts Unchained X uses energy (AP) like you see in most mobile games and there are micro-transactions. There are very helpful benefits to spending money, but you never feel like you have to.

I’m here to explain how the game works and offer some tips on getting started.

This guide will go over starting in Kingdom Hearts Unchained X including:

  • Basic Info and Gameplay – How the game works and the basics you need to know.
  • Medal Types – The 3 different elements for medals and the different types of special attacks medals can have.
  • Avatar Board – How it works and what you can get.
  • Jewel Shop – What it is and what you can get from it.
  • Extra Tips – Some general tips to help you get started.

Basic Info and Gameplay

The battle system in this game is turn-based with a catch. You have medals that power your Keyblade weapon and these medals are how you attack. When you use all your medals, your turn is over. Once the enemy has their turn, you go again and all your medals come back.

You start with 3 medal slots in each Keyblade, but as you level it up, you can have a maximum of 5 slots.


The game is broken into quests, wherein each quest is a level with certain objectives. You have a maximum AP which is your energy in other mobile games. Each quest uses AP to start, so if you don’t have enough AP, you must wait until it recharges. It takes 3 minutes to charge 1 AP.

KH Unchained X battle screen

When in a quest, you can check your health and special gauge on the top left of the screen. The orange number is the number of special points you have, the green number is your HP.

Each medal has a number next to it that shows how many special points it takes to use. You can also hold the info button on the bottom left to show what each of your medals do. You can swipe the medal in combat to use that medal’s special if you have enough points.

When you start a quest, after you choose your Keyblade, you can also pick a Friend Medal from a list. This gives you an extra medal to use during the quest.

There are Special quests that change daily. These give things like experience medals, evolve medals, materials, and Munny. These quests require much more AP are are usually much harder than story quests.


You can tap the screen or enemy for a single target attack, or swipe the screen for an area attack that hits all enemies. The area attack does less damage than a single target attack since it hits everyone.

When you defeat enemies or open chests by tapping them, you can recover health and special gauge. Defeating enemies also gives you Lux, which is how you level your character. Defeating enemies in 1 round gives you a bonus.

After battles, a raid boss will sometimes appear. These are stronger enemies that drop multiple rewards for when you defeat them. You can usually beat them alone, but you can send a help request if you lose against it.

Medal Types and Info

There are 3 different elements that medals are grouped in. Each one is strong against another in a rock-paper-scissors style match.

  • Power (Red) – Strong against Speed.
  • Speed (Green) – Strong against Magic.
  • Magic (Blue) – Strong against Power.

Each medal also has a certain effect. It can either attack, heal, or increase a stat for a short time. Some medals hit multiple times and others hit once. The strength of the attacks can be different as well, you can view each medal to see how strong the attacks are.

Some attacks hit one target while others hit every target. You can figure out what the medal does by looking at the icon next to the special attack. A normal star is a single target attack and a star with 2 yellow curves means that it hits all enemies.

KH Unchained X Medal info

Medals are also rated between 1-6 stars. 1 is the lowest and 6 is the highest. The higher the star rank, the more powerful the medal.

Avatar Board

As you level up and complete quests, you unlock different outfits in the Avatar Board. You can use Avatar Coins that you gain from quests to unlock nodes on each board. There are 4 types of things you can unlock with each piece.

  • Increase max HP
  • Increase max AP(energy)
  • Increase Keyblade cost capacity
  • Unlock Avatar piece

Each Keyblade has a max cost it can hold and each medal has a certain cost. The node that increases Keyblade cost capacity will increase the max so that you can have more powerful medals in your Keyblade.

Each piece will be of a certain cosmetic item. For example, the KH 3D Riku costume is one of the pieces you can unlock nodes on.

As you fill in nodes you will unlock HP and AP increases. When you get far enough along you will unlock that costume to use on your avatar. You also get titles for completing an entire board.

When you unlock new boards, you will always unlock a board for both male and female. You can also change your gender and costume at anytime and save outfits you create.

KH Unchained X Avatar board

Jewel Shop

You can get Jewels by completing some quests, leveling up, or buying them with real money. You can use these Jewels in the shop to get random medals.

300 gives you a random medal from 3-5 stars. There is a daily deal (available once a day) that offers 3 medals for  600 jewels. 3,000 Jewels gives 10 medals with a guarantee of at least one 5 star medal.

Extra Tips

  • Join a party
    • From the Home menu you can tap the screen, then party to either join or create your own party.
    • Parties are like guilds in other games, not temporary. You can leave and join others whenever you want though.
    • This lets you get help for raid bosses, help others, and earn more friend medals.
  • Get a Beast medal ASAP
    • Beast does a set amount of damage no matter what enemy it hits.
    • This is great for the egg enemies since other medals can only do 1 damage at a time.
    • Beast will defeat any egg enemy at any level in 1 hit.
  • Play now since all story quests only take half AP
    • After this month the AP costs to complete quests will be higher, so get a head start.
  • If you want to spend money, get the discounted 3,000 Jewel pack for $15
    • You do not need to pay money to make significant progress, but there are benefits for getting this pack.
    • This gives you 3,000 Jewels for the price of 1,700 so you can buy the 10 medals in the shop.
    • It also gives you access to every Special until the next reset.
    • The reset is Sunday night, so to get the most for your money, wait until the reset before buying.
    • Being able to do any special quests greatly helps in getting the stuff you need to power up your medals and Keyblades.

That’s it for my Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Beginner Tips and Tricks. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll answer as soon as I can!

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